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MW-645 Mercedez vs A-Low Cat One Piece Thong tournament QUARTER FINAL 02

QUARTER FINAL : My strongest wrestler, Mercedez, picking the other female wrestling companie’s top wrestler of the year, A-Low Cat. What an amazing match up? I (Mutiny) wanted to pick A-Low Cat or Mercedez to get them out ot the tournament in the first round! But Mercedez picked A-Low’s name! And after seeing that fight, im quite happy it happened this way! Mercedez boobs are quickly out of the one piece thong! and nobody is complaining that her perfect tits got out! Both are strong, I would say Mercedez is stronger, but A-Low Cat is much more skilled and fast. She is a natural, you can see it. I never saw her fight and I must say I was quite impressed! They exchanged headscissors, grapevines, bodyscissors, chokes, and there is a lot of ”ass in the air” action with great butt/crotch shots. Two very athletic girls going at it and wanting to win and get to the semi final… it cant get hotter than that…
Length: 11 minutes

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MW-677 C-Sar vs Summer Pro style Wrestling Domination

Poor Summer didnt know what she got into. First, she faced Carlos, the king of grappling. Then, she faced C-Sar, a guy not only trained BY Carlos, but also a pro wrestler twice (minimum) her size. He destroyed her so bad, she was suffering a lot (you can see by the pictures). Torture rack, bearhugs, he was really enjoying himself. Mercedez and I were watching the match on the side and honestly, we were freaking out. At the end, when Summer was out on the ground, he grabbed me and Mercedez and made us pass out and decided to leave us on top of the poor Summer. If you like mixed domination, you will enjoy this match for sure.

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PW-01 Carlos vs Mercedez (Domination by Mercedez) Full Video

Description by Mercedez) Full Video Part 1 : In this video i decided to wear a soft color thinking maybe Carlos would go easy and softer…Not what happened…i had to cheat my way through a bit loll and that spank!! I managed to survived…wasnt easy!!! Part 2 : Carlos had it a bit hard he doesnt always manage to do what he wants with me. A lot of leg power goes into this clip his boxers had a small problem too Part 3 Carlos tries breaking my arm in the beginning, he likes to play rough. He manages to pin me down a few time seven chokes me with my own arm!!! I had my work cut out. My boobs got out…

Mercedez store is not online anymore, you have to go through Mutiny for those videos.

MW-594 Mutiny vs Mercedez TOPLESS THONG Wedgies, Facesitting

yeahFULL VIDEO : Custom video : Mercedez and i are sisters and I have a boyfriend that she really wants. She thinks he’s in love with her since they both like the Boston Bruins and I have my CH bikini on. So, we decided we would fight in front of my boyfriend (the cam) and shes sure she will humiliate me and force me to leave him and let her go on a date with him. She took off my top and the match was not even started. I did the same to her and we started to fight. At one point, she forced me to kiss her feet. Chokes, scissors, wedgies, facesitting, intense wrestling, semi comp to comp. hair pulling…she really wanted to make me pass out by sitting on my face….TOPLESS MATCH
Length: 15 minutes

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MW-602 Lily Kat vs Mercedez The beauty and the muscular beast!

MW-602This match took place in January, when it was Summer and Lily Kat’s first wrestling videoshoot ever. Both girls were watching Mercedez fighting against guys and they freaked out. They didnt want to face her. The first one who did is Lily Kat. She tried, she really did, she gave everything she had. She even took control at one point with a bodyscissors and a rear naked choke, but Mercedez controled the match. The cute Lily got her ass kick with rear naked chokes, scissors, breasts smothering, facesitting, figure four headscissors, hand chokes, throws to the mats and Mercedez is smiling all the match, to show her superiority. Lily’s top was moving a lot!
Length: 11 minutes

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