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MW-507 Madison vs Myleena Female Wrestling FULL VIDEO

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : Madison is the pure super cute blond and Myleena, you all know her, is a total badass with tattoos! I love the contrast of theise two ladies on the mats. I asked them to chose their bikinis…why am I not surprise of the finale result? I thought Myleena woul destroy her in 2 minutes, but the feisty blond fought back! They are both about the same weight and they both want to win. Back and forth, scissors, chokes, but Myleena ended up the first part with her forearm in Madison’s throat. Im not sure how legal it is but we didnt agree on any rule before the match Part 2 : another intense match… Myleena is keeping control with a straight body scissors and madison is so sexy trying to get out.. they rolled and Myleena stayed on top to finalllly get a side body scissors. Madisonm after tapping out, jumped on Myleena and grabbed her in a full nelson quickly followed by a bodyscissors too to make her give up with pratically the same hold! But Myleena didnt say her last word, she got the sexy bombshell in a side headlock and kept it tigh until she cute girl gave up… Part 3 : they both want to win, Madison jumped on Myleena and sat on her throat…she is on top but the black haired girl is very flexible…she broke the hold and quickly got the cutie in a single leg boston crab. Both girls rolled a big and ended up in a double leg scissors. SEXXXXXXY with theise long legs…mmmmm…. Myleena ended the match with a reverse bearhugh on the ground but this match was really intense from the begining! (Mel had a boob out for a minute there…)

Length: 10 minutes
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MW-708 Melissa Moore vs Myleena Pro Wrestling Domination by Melissa LC FULL VIDEO

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : Myleena picked Melissa Moore in a pro Wrestling match on mats where its allowed to go on the mats. Melissa is so pretty and dominant in her black outfit and her boots. Even if Myleena always been badass with all her tattoos, she is still half the size of our skilled new wrestler. Mme Moore took control over the samll girl with chokes, scissors, stretching. TOTAL domination but Myleena is always fighting back (you know her!) What didnt help her is that her top was falling and her tits were out all the time…. Part 2 : Myleena tried one choke on Melissa when she escaped a hold but it made Melissa even more upset. She lifted her up in the air and showed her how dominant and powerful she truly is. She is playing with Myleena like a toy. she is walking with her on her shoulders, throwing her on the ground by flipping her. Boston crabs, back stretching. Myleena with her boobs out, didnt have the time to cover herself so Melissa just started to hit her back and work it even more. Until Myleena couldnt take it anymore

Length: 10 minutes
Size: 118 MB

MWL-112 /BW-34 Brooke vs Domino Pins Only

Brooke and Domino are both wearing sexy lingerie and they agreed on a wrestling match with pins only! Brooke’s got a weight advantage against tiny Domino but she’s very quick and tricky! Even if she seems quite skinny, her upper body is very strong and she was able to lift Brooke on the first pin she tried on her! They both did many schoolgirl pins but at one point, you can see that Brooke didnt expect that, so she got Domino in a headscissors to get her weak. Im holding the camera and Im the one counting the pins. Brooke also got Domino in a reverse schoolgirl pin and stayed there for a while! You’ll see a lot of body to body action 🙂

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MWL-111/BW-31 Brooke vs Domino Chokes + Wrestling

Brooke asked Domino to wrestle her using mostly chokes. Brooke knows its her best hold so Domino wasnt sure. Domino was already a little shaken up because it was right after a lift and carry match where Brooke destroyed her, and I did the same to Domino right after Brooke!  In all the matches Brooke did for MutinyWrestling and MontrealWrestlingLeague, she used chokes and she got her nickname ”Queen of Chokes” that way. She is one of the only girl I know that doesnt mind choking people until they pass out. Most people feel guilty, but Brooke doesnt. And most people cant escape her chokes! In that match, Domino got her once real good, but she gave Brooke her back too many times! Im pretty sure Domino underestimated Brooke since she’s not wrestling for many years.  After the match, Brooke told Domino she hoped that she got the message and she then turned to me and said the same thing, that I was next!!! She’s making me laugh sometimes! Length: 6 minutes

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MW-418 Carlos vs Domino (Mileena) CARLOS in control Full Video

418Full Video : Another beatdown by Carlos. Domino is always cocky and confident, but everytime she meets Carlos, she knows it wont be easy. Once again, he showed her how tough he is as he took control over her hot petite body! she exposed her to the camera, made sure to stretch her good and she’s screaming in pain even if she doesnt want to give up. She made him tap once or twice, she took control from time to time, but still, he destroyed her. It was quite competitive since both of them really know what they are doing. they are both great wrestlers. Her pink bikini thong is so sexy on her tiny body, she almost got out several times!
Length: 11 minutes