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Custom Videos


Theise are the girls available for custom videos.

My mom cant do it for now, she injured her back while ago and she doesnt seem to recover properly, so she cant wrestle for the moment, this is why shes not on MutinyWrestling or MWL. She might be able to do MutinyScissors, MutinySpandex or one of the new websites…but we dont know yet.

All the girls can do fantasy wrestling, but not all of them will do competitive.

Tell us what you would like and we’ll see what we can do!

Im leaving 3 days for Boston and after that Ill be home until january to do custom videos and shooting for the new websites, so its th ebes ttime for you to ask!!!


12-15 minutes  350$
20 minutes        420$         
30 minutes        520$ 
45 minutes        720$



Paypal : marilynstdenis@hotmail.com


MW-220 Brooke vs Mutiny

Another match of Brooke vs Mutiny!

I have tons of other matches to come, dont worry!!! But Brooke lives with me now, we are in the same house! Everyday she is asking me if she can try to kick my butt!!! she is pretty sure she will be able soon, and honnestly if I dont get back in shape soon, she will for sure! another very close match between us…I decided to go quite slow in this one to test her a little bit but she almost got me because of that!

she is wearing a sexy metalic outfit and Im wearing a green one too! I love theise bikinis! I buy them all on ebay! dont tell me they are not sexy!!!

Thanks to Navy from Montreal who sent us money to buy more outfits for the girls!!! We bought so many bikinis and latex/spandex outfits! thanks so much! we had a great time buying all that! it was so much fun!!! we had  a great night! and the bikinis and one piece are incredibly sexy! thanks again Navy!!! LuvYa! -Marilyn

Free Sample Video

Full Length Video

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Custom Videos (specific requests)


Im posting 2 custom videos I did last week. If tickling is not your thing, you might not like the mixed one…

MW-213 Marilyn vs Entropy

I had to seduce a guy, making him thing he’s going to get lucky, but finally I decide to tickle him everytime I have him in a hold and that Im in control. Its feet tickling only…

Full Length Video

20100809194029(7) 20100809194029(10) 20100809194029(12)

20100809194029(33) 20100809194029(48) 20100809194029(61)


The second video is another custom video. The person wanted to see me taking control of Brooke. Its a schoolgirl pin video where I just make fun of her and Im being mean to her. We start by doing a schoolgirl (Brooke and I) to a bug teddy bear and im telling her she is not good at all so I have to sit on her for over 10 min. At the end, Im asking her to go on all fours and I ride her like she’s my poney.

Full Length Video

20100809181214(1) 20100809181214(4) 20100809181214(14)

20100809181214(18) 20100809181214(25) 20100809181214(30)

20100809181214(44) 20100809181214(68) 20100809181214(79)

PART 3 New websites



YES! Im opening new websites! The websites are all done by the same program I used for this website, because its very simple and I understand it perfectly! I didnt want to change. So the logo will stay the same, but ill change the color and the name of the website. It all starts with MUTINY…something. Some of the websites will open very shortly, some others will open next summer.

There is a fetish part that is connected with wrestling that I really miss. Im not traveling much right now and I really miss it. I miss some stuff I usually do for other companies and I realized : if I love it that much, I should be doing it for MY website!!!!

At the same time, wrestling fans might not want to see me tied up to a bed with ropes…or its not everybody who has a foot fetish.

I decided to separate all of them. It will be around 8 or 9 websites. I already have material for 5 of them. Some of the MWL girls will be on it, my mom will be on some of it and female wrestlers who will travel to Montreal (ex : Aiden, Tyler dare).

The websites will be :

– Foot fetish

– Spandex – lycra – zentay -shiny lycra

– messy wrestling (oil, mud, food)

– Pantyhose

– scissors

– fitness (getting in shape/gym, get riped)

– Boxing

– custom videos

– Bondage

– and another website that my 3 roomates decided to start (behind my back…but Im ok with it!) I cant say more for now!

I think there is one missing, but I dont remember!


If you have one of these feitshes and want me to wear something specific or you want another girl to wear somethign specific, if you want to send us stuff (shoes, pantyhose, lycra, spandex outfits, etc) feel free to do it, write me and Ill give you my adress. WE WILL NEED NEW OUTFITS, I already have a lot, but still, we will need your help for sure!!!


I will sometimes post some of the stuff that we need on ebay, I buy outfits there everyday and its really awesome, they all look so great! so if you want ideas, youll find some here!


What i know that I need the most : Anything for the BONDAGE website (straight jackets of all kinds), LYCRA, SPANDEX, PANTYHOSE!!!!

Im saying that also because I received a lot of emails in the last couple of years from guys asking me if they can send me stuff to wrestle in! The answer is YES! and its now the time to send it because Ill have many different websites!!!

I have a lot of other things to write but Im really tired and Im going to the gym at 8 tomorrow morning! hep…thats what it takes to get back in shape I guess!!!!




PART 2 Mat Wrestling and new…(youll see in the next post)




I’m wrestling for 6 years now. I mean, sexy wrestling (sexy wrestling, mat wrestling, grappling, I dont know how you prefer to call it!). Some people are against that type of wrestling while most of you (well, if you are reading this, you probably enjoy the type of wrestling I’m doing OR you are a freak who hates me and is crazy enough to read my posts because it tortures you inside! and you love to hate me, but I love haters! haha) love it. This is my life. I love to be on the mats, this is where I feel great! I like the competitive side of it, but I also love the sexy side of it. If you have a wife or a girlfriend, she probably already told you : I like to feel sexy, and you are not saying it to me often enough!!!  Well, if she didn’t say it, it might be because she can’t find a way to communicate it to you, but she feels it and this is maybe why she’s got mood swings from time to time! haha ok, Seriously! Being on the mats makes me feel sexy. Even if I gain weight, even if I don’t like myself sometimes, even if I have a bad day, even if I have a fight with a friend, even …you get the picture! (This post is getting long you’ll say! you are right, but I feel like writing tonight! so its here, or in my private journal and because I’m very histrionic, I prefer to have people reading what I think about! ok, another joke! Ill stop!)

When I started in the wrestling business it was only because I was fine with my boyfriend’s fantasy and I wanted to be a part of it, but now, this is my real passion and I wouldn’t stop for anybody. My family is ok with that, in fact, they are ok with the fact that I’m happy and I can pay my bills and if what I’m doing is doing both, well, they will be ok with my job. That’s the only thing that matters to me.

I always say, why bother?! If you dont like the type of wrestling im doing, why taking you’re precious time to write me a message about it and make me lose my precious time?! If you dont like it, there are plenty of other types of female wrestlers out there! Go check their websites!

When I started, I didn’t know what i would like and what I wouldn’t  like. I tried it all. Naked wrestling, topless wrestling, catfights, sexfights (not the hardcore ones that I see sometimes on ultimate surrender or academy (Im not judging! they are hot, but I don’t want to do it), scissors challenges, super heroines, pro style, ultimate fighting, boxing, schoolgirl pins, boots, no boots, foot fetish stuff, domination, sub stuff, competitive, semi-comp  or fantasy wrestling, etc. I loved most of them, always depends who’s your opponent! haha

As you know, I have MutinyWrestling.com for a while now, I registered my company (Mutiny Productions) in Canada and registered it in USA (Delaware) too. Mutiny Productions also have MontrealWrestlingLeague.com (MWL), SexyGuysWrestling.com (guys wrestling) and Clips4sale.com/studio/18721/ (clips or entire videos of MWL and MW).

I started with MutinyWrestling and decided to do mixed and female wrestling. I didnt know anything about computers or even wrestling, but I learned! A lot of people told me they couldn’t afford a membership so I decided to open a Clips4Sale account. After a while I realized i had a lot of emails of guys saying the guys on my websites were hot and that they were not watching me, but them! So I opened a new website with guys only but i never sold a video. In fact, Im lying! I sold one in three years on clips4sale!

The MWL is our new baby. We lost Allison very quickly and Carlos took over. While K started to be very popular and making real money in the business, she decided to quit, moral issues. People in the pro business convinced her it was bad to do that and that pro wrestling is great and makes her become a wonderful person while mat wrestling will only make her become a slut! If I have to compare both very quickly, i can say that pro wrestling can make you insane because you are always surrounded (every week end) by jealousy, envy and bullshit! People are not getting paid to wrestle pro style but they are still all fighting to have the spotlight because everybody can become a pro wrestler these days. If you are a cute girl, guys (wrestlers) will all treat you like you’re an object, they will flirt with you and fight for you just to get in your pants, they might even call you a ”rat” (this is how they call the girls that are chearing for them in the crowd, the ones they sleep with, the ”easy girls”)! The female wrestlers will hate you because you are cute. They wont say it, but they will make you feel it. Some of them might even try to hurt you.  So, again, people dont understand that its not because you wear a thong that you are doing something wrong or you can become a slut. You can be a slut and wear pro wrestling gear, knee pads, a mask and shiny tights. Im not saying there is no such girls in the mat wrestling business, but the fact that you are wrestling in a sexy outfit does not make you a bad person. I met more sluts in the pro wrestling business than the sexy wrestling business! All that to say that K left because of moral issues and reputation matters. It’s really sad, because she was really going somewhere, she was great, she has a good physique, great body, great attitude, very competitive and she learns quickly. She also traveled with me and had great fun. Very sad to see people judging everything they never tried. Anyway! Its sad, but its done. I always tell myself that people are judging because they are afraid and instead of asking questions, they prefer to point the finger and place the blame…and usually, its on me! But I can take it! Im a fighter! haha

Where Am I going with that?! Well, I tried a lot of stuff, I have some websites online now but, there is something missing! Its also very hard to keep the girls, so even if you pay very well, some girls will still leave because of 10 000 reasons. I need some websites that I can shoot material for  with 2 or 3 girls plus some guys. With all the stuff I tried, I want to open new websites!