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Custom Videos

I know I still have to answer some people for the customs that you want me to do, dont worry! I didnt forget about you!

If you want custom videos, sessions (Montreal), well, october is THE time because after that, I wont be able too until January

CUSTOM VIDEOS : Aiden, Brooke, Megane, Jezabel, Domino and me are available for custom work. I also have guys (Entropy, Navy, Carlos, Stan)

Aiden and Jezabel will be in Montreal at the end of october so if you want videos or sessions, let me know! (Dom-wrestling-duos, etc)

Ill post pictures of the girls a little later 🙂 xxx

MW-222 Mégane vs Mutiny

Mégane is the new french girl on MWL. She agreed to wrestle me for MutinyWrestling too. She is wearing jeans shorts, and Im wearing a jeans skirt…we both have bikini tops on. she is becoming very good!!! she learns really quick. it was a very very close match!!! I was surprised since she is almost 20 pounds lighter than me!!!! Mégane will be a very good wrestler…watch her!!!
Length: 11 minutes
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MW-219 Mutiny vs Entropy

Entropy is always holding the camera and after every video shoot he always complains about how boring it was and how boring the matches were and how slow the action was and how bad the wrestlers are…not enough nudity…the wrestlers shoud always go fot the top of their opponent to distract them…etc

well, I told him to meet me on the mats! why not?! if he is THAT good

answer, HE’S NOT!

he thought about my top only at the end…but he was already losing badly…



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