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MW-563 Mutiny LIFTING and CARRYING Sasha Full Video

Sasha and I were in Tampa Bay for Fetcon and I was telling her I was strong enough to lift her. She needed a proof so I lifted her. Its very casual lift and carry. Im even asking the cam person what should be my next lift! Over the shoulder carry, over one shoulder, and she even sat on my shoulders!

Length: 5 minutes
Size: 60 MB
Format: WMV

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MW-497 Mutiny vs Mercedez Lift & Carry & bearhug FULL VIDEO

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : the BEARHUG Part. Mercedez and I decided to take a yoga class together and they gave us a video to watch first to make sure we are good enough to be in that class. Mercedez already did years of yoga and shes going to the gym twice a day, so she thinks that tape is stupid and she wants to stretch in front of the mirror while im trying to do the moves…she wants my spot. and shes sure she can make me move from there. She got me in a bearhug and I just cant escape. Shes squeezing me tight, boobs to boobs….with her huge breasts pushing against mine… she even got my top off at the end, and i dont know how she did it… Part 2 : This is the LIFT AND CARRY part with the final BEARHUG. (Not the first part of bearhugs) She is lifting me (over the shouldr carry and on both shoulders) and shes walking with me and squating with me to show me she is stronger than me and that she can make me move out of her spot…
Mercedez is one tough girl with sexy tattoos.
Length: 5 minutes

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MW-460 Mutiny vs Kristie WRESTLING + lift and carry Full Video

Full Video PART 1 : Kristie is just being a bully in that video. Im being really nice to her at the beginning, asking for a fair match and she just didnt care. She started to wrestle pro style, lifted me, carried me, got me on the ground, took off my top, she played with me like I was her doll. Upside down, up in the air, slammed me, used the corners, I tried to fight back many times, but she bullied me some more…. PART 2 : shes bullying me some more…Im starting the second part of the match scissoring her holding myself on the ropes, very sexy hold, but I couldnt keep it and she got even more mad. She got me upside down again, many lifts, like bearhugs, and torture rack, she just played with me some more, and im topless for the rest of the video, wearing only a small thong which doesnt help, because shes fully clothed and Im half naked. It pisses me off….
Length: 8 minutes

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MW-411 Mutiny (in control) vs Whitney (helpless) PRO WRESTLING, Lift and Carry, HOT girl getting destroyed FULL VIDEO

411Whitney is an amazing blond girl, really nice and sweet. She is also a very good wrestler, but she got a little too cocky here, asking me for a special lift and carry + pro wrestling match. She thought she would be able to lift me up, and wrestle me pro style. As soon as we locked up, I showed her it was a big mistake. I took control over her and she was TOTALLY HELPLESS. BELLY PUNCHING, KNEES TO THE STOMACH, SHOULDERS, BOSTON CRAB, CAMEL CLUTCH, SEVERAL SEXY STRETCH to expose her perfect body to the camera and of course, some lift and carry. Over the shoulder carry, piggy back ride, bearhugs, etc. At the end, im choking her with one leg only, standing up…She couldnt do anything and Im pretty sure she wont ever ask me again for that type of match. she was totally HELPLESS and the pretty girl is getting her ass kicked real bad!Length: 11 minutes

MW-396 Mutiny & V the cheerleader vs Dayana Lift and Carry + Pro Style (2 vs 1)

396Dayana agreed to a pro wrestling match against me. Shes a new pro wrestler and really thinks she can make me submit OR pin me for a 1-2-3 count. Not even after 2 minutes, she was destroyed, I was able to lift her like a baby over my shoulder! This is when V joined me and thought it could be fun to destroy her some more, to laugh at her and humiliate her! She started to lift her too, she also hold her for me and Dayana was all exposed to be punched, and kicked! I also gave her some knees. V got D in a torture rack and I did the same after her. We wanted to stretch her good and show her she is no match for us! When Dayana was on my back in a TORTURE RACK, V asked me to give her D directly on her shoulders without putting her down first!!! this girl is so strong! we slammed her back into the wall several times and I also gave her a back breaker! V got her in a great bearhug, while I was choking her at the same time! I asked V to take pictures with an Iphone to send our friends. I then gave her a piledriver and knocked her out…this is when I took the iphone and took pictures of her..laying on my mats!! Length: 12 minutes

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