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MWL-182 Mégane vs Kasumi Full Match

Friday, June 30th, 2017
182Full Match : This is a first! 2 of the sexiest ladies of the MWL are fighting against each other! Some people are not even able to say who’s who! Two sexy girls with black hair who likes to fight. Kasumi thought it would be easy and I mus admit I thought she would have it easy too. Last time, Mégane wasnt really competitive, but she gave all she had in that fight. She realized that Kasumi was in shape and quite agressive, so she got her good too. I was impressed by both of them, and I love to see them fight!!! they are soooo beautiful!!!!
Length: 13 minutes
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MWL-165 Whitney vs Kasumi Who’s gonna be the BEAUTY QUEEN?! FULL Match

Saturday, November 26th, 2016

165FULL VIDEO : Beauty Queen match. According to me, these are the two prettiest girl to ever wrestle for MutinyWrestling and MontrealWrestlingLeague… They are not only gorgeous but also very talented!!! They are the same size and quite the same strength. I knew it would be a very interesting match. As soon as they saw each other at my place it was obvious that there was a little rivalry. Both were looking up and down, looking at each other’s body. A little like Betty and Veronica to be quite honest! The other girls started to make jokes about that. Who was the prettiest, the strongest, the more popular, the sexier, etc. I made the joke about Betty and Veronica and all day, the running gag stayed, but the girls were quite upset about it. They thought it would all be over if they wrestle and see who’s the best wrestler. The other girls were watching the match, I was filming..and I can tell you that Kasumi was a little more confident, while Whitney was a little more upset with Kasumi. Good match, great action, scissors, stretched, chokes, camel clutches, etc. Outside, next to the brook, VERY SEXY BIKINIS! perfect bodies….mmmm  my kind of match!        Length: 10 minutes

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MWl-130 Mutiny vs kasumi

Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

Very tight match!!!! Very even! Great holds and moves, kasumi, as usual, strecthed me but this time she even tried to smother me with her breasts! shes getting really confident!!! My bikini bottom ended up behing a thong since it didnt stay in place at all! we are both wearing bikinis and gloves! We did some chokes, scissors, and kasumi got me in two or 3 moves I dont even know. I dont know how she does that, but shes got that intelligence, and she can create moves and get me in them without me knowing whats going on! shes really a natural!!! and of course, she so pretty! I didnt wrestle her lately and I miss it. Even when I lose, and even if shes new, I always learn with her… but this match was very close! there was no loser, especially not you! 😛 and at the end, she left the mats and tried to untie my top! shes getting really cocky!!!

Length: 11 minutes
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MWL-176 Whitney vs Kasumi Battle of the beauties 2! FULL VIDEO

Thursday, November 26th, 2015

FULL VIDEO Part 1 :Whitney and Kasumi are really beautiful ladies and they just hate each other. The minute Kasumi saw the sexy blond , she told me she would kick that bitch’s ass. Kasumi didnt want to wear a bikini because she said she wanted to ”destroy barbie” and have her way with her. In the first part, there is a lot of back and forth, slow action, great holds, and the ”squealing” is REALLY sexy. The sound Whitney does when she’s helpless is quite erotic! Part 2 : even if Kasumi just wants to kick Whitney’s ass, she doesnt realise how sexy and sensual it can gets. All the sounds Whitney makes, A LOT of body to body action, stretching each other legs, wide open, almost exposing Whitney’s crotch to the camera…Its suppose to be an agressive fight, but there is still a sexual tension between those 2 jealous girls! Part 3 : The hot blond is becoming weaker and weaker… Even if she got a triangle choke on the beautiful Kasumi, she wasnt strong enough to make her submit. Kasumi was still in total control…humiliating the blond beauty. She pineed her with her ass up in the air, made her totally helpless several times… You can see that our favorite barbie girl is no match for our dominant Kasumi…

MWL-140 Mutiny vs KASUMI Full Video

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

Full Video if you like Kasumi, you already know that she uses her legs a lot to get the girls stuck and get submissions, well, this is what shes doing to me again and I totally forgot about that! but the worst thing is, she got trained during all the months she was away and she worked out a lot. She got so strong and so confident, She is the prettiest girl ever, but I still hate when she get me good, stuck between her perfect and strong legs…I still got her too, but I never thought she would be that tough….Im telling you, shes got the perfect body, perfect face, perfect attitude…she could seriously be the next big thing if she keeps training like she does… Part 2 at one point, she just sat on me, I was squeezed between her legs, i cannot even explain that hold. Everytime im stuck in something like that, I call it the ”Pretzel” hold. This is the most humiliating thing honestly. It felt like that when I was in it, but its even worst when I watch it now. Shes just siting, without even moving, with her hands on her hips… We also wrestled a lot, very intense, but slow pace action, she very technical and shes waiting for me to make a bad move… at one point, to try to piss her off a little, I even put my boobs in her face…but it didnt change anything..she got even better…. Part 3 shes lucky shes so pretty and i cant get reaaaally mad at her, but still, shes getting way too cocky! she knows shes good but I got her good in that part with a hammerlock and my strong scissors. she got me in a choke, stretched me again and stayed on top a lot…  Length: 10 min

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