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MW-438 Jezabel DESTOYING Mutiny with LowBlows and crotch torture FULL VIDEO

438Full Video : Jezabel is destroying Mutiny with LowBlows in that America vs Canada match. I was waiting for her in the ring for a pro wrestling match but she sneaked behind me and grabbed my crotch. this is how the match started and it got worst and worst for me. Kicks, knees, punches, slaps, clit twisting, lips twisting, crotch bumps on the ropes, head butts, etc. she thought of everything she could do to my crotch and my ass, and she did it. she got really crazy and she seemed to enjoy it. Im just the victim here, completely helpless, as she destroys me with everything she can think of…    (at one point my nipple got out of my bikini so i have to write that there is nudity in the video…)

Length: 8 minutes

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MWL-54 Aiden vs Jezabel

A fight between Jezabel and Aiden turned really bad when Aiden snaped…(that video will be available on Jezabel’s site www.jezabelknight.com/) but Aiden wasnt done with her. She drank some water and came back to humiliate Jezabel a little more…The MWL were behind me while I was filming the match and they got scared of Aiden…we didnt know she could snap like that!

Its almost sad that Carlos couldnt be there to watch that!!!

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MWL-55 Domino vs Jezabel

MW-55 Jezabel vs Domino

Jezabel came from Toronto with Aiden because they heard about the MWL. Jezabel, when she doesnt like somebody or something…shes just gonna destroy that person or that thing with words…in that case, the person was Domino, and the thing was the MWL. Domino’s take downs are great in that video…two really tough girls, similar sizes, very good match, both didnt want to give up, Aiden had to separate them at the end…
Length: 10 minutes

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