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MWL-147 Belly Punching Devon vs Tracy HARD punches

Devon is punching Tracy as hard as she can. The poor girl has her eyes blindfolded and Devon is punching her really hard. Her stomach turns red quite quickly, but she’s really tough! It was hard for me to film that, I felt really bad for Tracy! 6 min

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MW-417 Domino vs Naja. BLACK DOMINATION. Full video

417full video. Both girls are REALLY SEXY! Domino is 110 lbs and Naja is 120lbs. This new and sexy black girl is quite strong. Even if Domino knows how to wrestle and is quite more experienced than Naja, the black girl took control over her. She destroyed Domino’s perfect body and exposed her to the camera several times. Domino is really energic and fast and she tried hard to be faster than Naja, but the amazing black girl is making sure she sin control. Shes een smiling from time to time…proud of herself, confident, and happy to see the white girl so helpless…..
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Length: 11 minutes


MW-381 Mutiny vs Naja

381 Part 1 Naja is so sexy in her blue-purple booty shorts and her black bikini top…she reminds me of Pamela from fightingirl! She so pretty, so naturally muscular and strong! She was a fighter in her country and came here to obviously kick everybody’s ass! She is very confident, very proud and she knows shes in control. She can also smile like a little girl when she gets me in her holds! We exchanged a lot of holds, but she was quicker than me. At the end of this part, we are releasing a hold because we both agreed too. we didnt want to hurt the other one, but we both had a great ankle lock! Part 2 This cute girl is a tough cookie. She is quick! she got me in the quickest arm bar Ive ever been in! she got me straight on my stomach and I couldnt move! I almost got her several times, but this fast little thing was always escaping my holds. Im starting to get quite upset but I made sure it didnt show. She was still confident and smiling and I wanted to destroy her…¬† Part 3 You can see in the last part that Im starting to lose it completely. Im still trying to smile, but the smile is fake. You can see im about to snap. She told me in the previous part if my arm needed a kiss to make it feel better. In that part shes still laughing at me because of that…the more and more she makes me submit, the more Im getting angry. I finally lost it. It had to happen, she was way too cocky and at my place! working for me!! I mean, come on new girl! so I got her in a rear naked choke and made her…well…just a little dizzy. enough for her to …mmmmm..stay on the floor for a while and stop bugging me! 12:30 min

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