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I spent Halloween with Brooke and Jay at a club on Saturday…It was quite fun! Since I dont drink much, it was weird to have a beer in my hands (I hate beer!). We took some pictures before and during the ”party” so Ill show you some!!! She was suppose to be Uncle Sam, but…we didnt find any hat!!!!! she was still really hot! I was SpiderGirl!!! YEAH YEAH!

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On Sunday, Entropy, Brooke and I gave some candies to the kids! Entropy was Batman! I decorated my house a little…I didnt want to scare the kids since they are all very young in my neighbourhood! (sorry for all the mistakes when I write, usually i have my dictionary, but tonigh i feel like writing even if I really dont have the time to do it! hahaha)

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Halloween costumes…sexy outfits!

I already have 10 videos for the new scissors website, 5 for the spandex website and 10 for the boxing website.

On all the new websites, including MWL and MutinyWrestling, Ill make special Halloween matches. Of course, we wont have funny outfits! all the outfits are going to be very sexy! We already bought some and they are great! Some of you guys asked me if they could buy an outfit or a costume and I found a great website to do so!


Some of you, like Navy, Bob, Bill, Andrew and Karl (I have the permission to say their names!), gave us money to buy new outfits and we wanted to say a big thank you. We really appreciate it! What we do is, all the girls together, we spend a night (you know what a girls night is…pyjama, nail polish, pillow fights, etc!) watching ebay and biding on new outfits we never dreamed on wearing one day!

Because of you its now possible! So thank you SO MUCH!

I just want to make sure that you understand that Im not asking for money or anything! Instead of answering everybody individually, I decided to make a post with stuff the girls like, so if you are one of the fans who wanted to send us something, you now have suggestions!

Some of you also asked me if I had a paypal account to send money instead of buying gifts to the girls. Because of facebook, you have the birthday of each girl so I know some of you wanted to send Brooke or Brittany a gift…well, its now possible!

If you want to send us money to buy outfits because you’re not sure what to buy, let us know what you’d like us to buy ex: latex, spandex, sexy bikini, etc. we will buy the ones we like and we will take a picture in it for you!

you always take MEDIUM size in everything!!!!!!! Bikinis on ebay are usually one size and it fits weel!

Paypal account : marilynstdenis@hotmail.com

IF YOU BUY SOMETHING, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SAY ITS A GIFT WHEN YOU POST IT!!!! Because when we receive it and its not written I have to pay for the us customs and taxes, etc. sometimes its even more expensive than the gift itself!


Costumes and bikinis we already bought with the money we received to help us with the new websites!

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If you want to buy stuff on ebay, you just have to search for : sexy bikinis (I usually also write : free shipping and under 10$)


The adress you can send it is :

2796 Du Cannelier

Terrebonne, J7M 1Y4

Quebec, Canada

You dont have to do this!!! we just wanted to give you suggestions if you already thought of sending something!!

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx