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MWL-176 Whitney vs Kasumi Battle of the beauties 2! FULL VIDEO

FULL VIDEO Part 1 :Whitney and Kasumi are really beautiful ladies and they just hate each other. The minute Kasumi saw the sexy blond , she told me she would kick that bitch’s ass. Kasumi didnt want to wear a bikini because she said she wanted to ”destroy barbie” and have her way with her. In the first part, there is a lot of back and forth, slow action, great holds, and the ”squealing” is REALLY sexy. The sound Whitney does when she’s helpless is quite erotic! Part 2 : even if Kasumi just wants to kick Whitney’s ass, she doesnt realise how sexy and sensual it can gets. All the sounds Whitney makes, A LOT of body to body action, stretching each other legs, wide open, almost exposing Whitney’s crotch to the camera…Its suppose to be an agressive fight, but there is still a sexual tension between those 2 jealous girls! Part 3 : The hot blond is becoming weaker and weaker… Even if she got a triangle choke on the beautiful Kasumi, she wasnt strong enough to make her submit. Kasumi was still in total control…humiliating the blond beauty. She pineed her with her ass up in the air, made her totally helpless several times… You can see that our favorite barbie girl is no match for our dominant Kasumi…

PW-01 Carlos vs Mercedez (Domination by Mercedez) Full Video

Description by Mercedez) Full Video Part 1 : In this video i decided to wear a soft color thinking maybe Carlos would go easy and softer…Not what happened…i had to cheat my way through a bit loll and that spank!! I managed to survived…wasnt easy!!! Part 2 : Carlos had it a bit hard he doesnt always manage to do what he wants with me. A lot of leg power goes into this clip his boxers had a small problem too Part 3 Carlos tries breaking my arm in the beginning, he likes to play rough. He manages to pin me down a few time seven chokes me with my own arm!!! I had my work cut out. My boobs got out…

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421FULL VIDEO Part 1 : this is a match that is more competitive than usual. Kasumi is the biggest sore loser I know. So in the last year, I decided to let her win a little more and I saw her real personality. She became cocky and arrogant. She even became bitchy with the other girls, telling them they would need to work hard to be as good as she is. So I decided to take her on again, but in a more competitive fight. A lot of sexy back and forth action, no smile at all, and we both want to win real bad. You can see it in our eyes. Part 2 : Kasumi is in defensive mode. She doesnt want me to get anything on her because she knows Ill make her tap out. Shes not smiling once. I made a joke or 2, to make her relax a bit, but there is nothing I can do for that. She’s focused on the match, she wants to escape, and she wants to win. My boobs are hardly staying in my top when she squeezed me with her legs, in fact she uses them a lot. I gave up, but I made her work a lot to get the submissions and its pissing her off even more. When Im in control, I smile, look her in the eyes, and yes, of course…piss her off some more. Part 3 : Im making her 4212work a lot…but I must admit, she’s doing the same. At the same time, I know her stamina isnt that great, so as long as she keeps holding her breath like that, giving everything she got, shes the one getting tired. She sat on my chest, tried to smother me, but I escaped, I gave her the chance to face me again, without jumping on her back. Im wrestling pretty clean in that match. No cheating, In fact the hardest thing for me is to face that perfect body! shes so beautiful and sexy, and thats my main problem! I finally got her and teased her saying she could leave if she wants but she got even more upset! this girl is serious, shes not here to have fun, shes here to win….but her ribs are no match to my strong legs Part 4 : I know when Kasumi,s upset. She starts using her knees some more, her elbows, and she’ll try to stretch me and bend me in weird ways. In other words, she tries to hurt me. You see in her eyes that she snaps. In this match, I had an ultimate goal. This girl never and she always avoid it. she always told me I would never make her pass out and I wont even make her dizzy with my strong legs. Well, in the last part of the match, there are a lot of double holds where we both look at each other, to see who will look down or give up. But at the end, I got my big legs around her tiny neck and squeezed…and squeezed. She didnt say a word, her eyes, her expression are talking for her. Her eyes closed…for a while…but opened up again. This is the end of the match. her face worth a million, she doesnt say a thing, but she never been pissed like that, I never saw her having to hold her frustration that much. I thought she would cry…
Length: 16 minutes

MW-297 Mutiny vs Kristal Summers SEXY WRESTLING

297Kristal summers is SO SEXY! I never though i would wrestle a HOT PORN STAR like that one day!!! Shes got a perfect body and great boobs! she is wearing a very small bikini thong and Im wearing a bikini thong too. Im losing my top very fast and we are grabing each others boobs and crotch…this is a very sexy light wrestling match… Kristal’s got one BOOB OUT NOW! and shes using her nipple and her whole boobs to smother me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but I still got her in a very good headscissors! In the third part of the match..she got me in a wedgie and kept it and pulled it some more and she really pissed me off! so I got way more agressive…and I started to punch her pussy, punch her stomach, grab her boobs and crotch….I even put my foot in the crotch and squashed her boobs….she couldnt do anything….at the end she was quite helpless…couldnt defend herself…thats how I like them! helpless and so sexy! 🙂 she still had a boob out…how humiliating for her!Length: 10 minutes

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MW-302 Mutiny vs Tracy Jordan Light Pro Wrestling

302This is a light pro wrestling match where Tracy is mostly a victim. Im choking her with my foot, Im using the ropes, some splashes, some shoulders in the stomach…im not being very nice with her since shes not a trained pro wrestler, I could have been nicer to her 🙂 At the end, Im using my powerful legs to do a reverse scissors on her…she couldnt get out…at all!
Length: 6 minutes

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