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MW 566 Mutiny vs Rick school girl, school girl pin , NAKED FACESITTING topless breasts smothering Full Video

Full Video : Description by Rick : There I was trying to do some exercises quietly. Then, Mutiny comes in and ‘’challenge’’ me to see how strong my abs really are. Can you imagine trying to do abs with Mutiny dressed as a school girl sitting on you? It takes away a lot of your focus. She was so damn hot with her sexy top, short skirt and her slutty glasses. She decides to do a school girl pin on me…as If I was gonna try to get up from there. She sat on my face…. She smelled so damn good, sadly I couldn’t breath for long when she decided to go for a meaner facesit. She was just toying with me. She added some tight squeeze between her tight to make me choke out some more Part 2 : Mutiny vs Rick School girl, schoolgirl pin, Facesitting , naked facesitting Description by Rick : She did offer a great view of her ass siting on my face. But searching for air is not fun at all. I had to get a good grab of her ass to push her a little so I could breathe. She then sat real good. Even though I was tapping out she didn’t care… I think she enjoyed the spanking. I have a blackout there I just remember having her panties in my mouth and an awesome view of her ass. She later asks me to push her away but she was rubbing herself on me I was too damn hard and turn on to push her away. And she was in control which was enjoyable. MW 566 Part 3 : Mutiny vs Rick Naked schoolgirl pin, topless, breast smothering, Description by Rick : Rubbing pussy on me, I could feel how wet she was. I could even smell and taste how good it was. She was enjoying herself but she warned me if I tried something… She would make me pass out. As if she was not tease enough, she took off her top and exposed me her perfect beasts… right before smothering me with them. I ended up dizzy, short breathed but must say was hell of a nice training. MutinyWrestling

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MW-626 Mercedez FACESITTING Mutiny in Lingerie Full Video

Full Video : Mercedez and i were traveling to Toronto together. Mercedez is quite pushy and she always wants to have sex with me and Im not very into ”having sex with collegues” since I did it in the past with girls I was traveling with and it always complicates things. They want more than just sex, they want relationships etc. And well, I might be bi, but Im more into guys… I was sleeping and i think she was just tired of me saying no to her, she woke me up with a front facesitting and forced me under her ass for a long time. She even switched for a reverse facesitting and you can see the panic in my eyes. Thats all she wanted. She always made me go to the panic point, where Im just freaking out and searching for some air. She loves to dominate and be in control and she shows it. She’s wearing sexy lingerie, black, and it makes her look even more dominant. There is no way I can move under her, she’s really powerful….I tried to lick her from time to time, but it didnt help me either…

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MW-571 Mutiny vs Rick Facesitting and scissors Full Clip

FULL CLIP : Rick was relaxing while we were in tampa for fetcon but I had other plans for him. He was just laying down in Sasha’s bed and I sat on his face. Everytime I do that he always expects something else. But no, I wanted to smother him and play with him. I did both types of facesits and I did straight and reverse scissors. At the end, I got naked and sat on his face like that to make him pass out. He was already quite diizzzzzzy 🙂 I teased him a lot!

Length: 7 minutes
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MW-481 Mutiny vs Caroline Pierce FACESITTING with a HOT pornstar!!!! FULL VIDEO

481FULL VIDEO Caroline Pierce is a very well known pornstar! She is amazingly sexy, and she’s a really nice person. I asked her if she would be willing to take my challenge, since she’s well known for her perfect and big ass. Im known for my ass too, so I thought with could do something like a facesitting challenge!!! The one who gets more submission with facesitting, straight and reverse! HOT ACTION, back and forth action. She is wearing see through yellow underwear and im wearing a blue thong. She is bouncing on my boobs, sitting on my chest and close ups to our faces when we are under the other one’s ass…
Length: 13 minutes


409FULL VIDEO : I already shot that type of match, this is a custom video. A lot of people liked it especially between Domino and myself. We use exactly the same holds and moves in each fall until one of us says she has enough and wants to quit. For the first fall, Im using my nipple in Domino’s mouth to make her shut up and to make sure she wont breathe. My boob is covering her mouth. Then the next fall, shes using the same ”hold” nipple and breast smothering. Each fall starts with a ”boob fight” where we push each other with our boobs without using our hands. In the next fall, Im using a reverse headscissors and a reverse figure four. then, her turn. We are bridging and grabbing each other’s tits to try to escape…then we went for the facesitting…but we were sitting mostly on the throat and making sure our pussy was covering the mouth…grabbing the hair, we made also sure to have our opponent’s face closer to our pussy. This match started slowly to become more and more aggressive…HOT ACTION!!!! Length : 20 min

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