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MSC-09 Mutiny vs Entropy Scissors Full Video

msc09(I only posted part 1, 2 years ago…) This is the full video! So this guy booked me for an hour session and he showed up late. The first 2 times he booked me, he didnt show. Everytime he’s asking me to wear a specific dominatrix outfit and I wait for him…for nothing. This time he arrived, but 10 min late. I was really pissed and I decided I would make sure he will always show up on time in the future! I scissored him so hard, I took control over him for like 10-11 min. He couldnt move, I was squeezing him with my strong legs. All the positions are so sexy and he’s completely helpless…10 min of hot and strong scissors…

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MSC-01 Mutiny vs Entropy Wrestling Domination with Scissors

Entropy is in his PJs and he seems to think going to bed with a novel is the greatest idea since sliced bread. The problem is I don’t feel like reading. I’m wearing this little see-through babydoll and this tiny, lace thong, and I’m in the mood for some shagging. I make Entropy an offer he can’t refuse, but I guess he hasn’t seen The Godfather. So I decide to teach him a lesson and torture him by squeezing him between my strong legs in every scissoring position I know. That ought to teach him, right? But don’t worry about him: I make sure he can still satisfy me after I squeeze him into total submission. Length : 11 min

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MSC-02 Brooke vs entropy SCISSORS ONLY

Brooke challenged Entropy to a scissors match! she told him she could keep him in a scissors hold for 10 min and he wouldnt be able to escape…of course, he told her it would be easy to do…but he realized she is quite strong!!!! he is turning red…freaking out…rolling around, without being able to do anything!!!!
Length: 11 minutes

MSC-07 Mutiny & Brooke vs Entropy Scissors Domination

Brooke and I were having a bit of a training session. Why we were wearing schoolgirls outfits I couldn’t tell you, but you must admit we look good in them!

Anyway, Entropy walks in and starts with the usual macho chap. “You’re not bad—for GIRLS.” You know me, I’m not good with that kind of talk. And Brooke, well, she’s not a fan either. So we gave Entropy a little demonstration of our power, me squeezing him between my strong legs while Brooke squeezes him with her long legs.

We leave him on the mat and go change, but when we come back wearing short, tight Spandex dresses, he’s still there, trying to clear the cobwebs. So Brooke and I, we give him a second helping of scissors!

And we thought he took a beating well—for a guy!

Length : 12 min

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MSC-12 Entropy getting scissored by brittany

msc12Check the preview to see how red Entropy got in that video!!! Im the one with the camera and I was smiling because he got what he deserved!! he is so cocky!! Brittany squeezed him so hard he couldnt do anything and he got so red, we were all impressed by Brittany’s legs, I didnt see her in more than 6 months and she got so much stronger!!!!!!! she is wearing a very sexy printed bikini!!! Length: 11 minutes