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MW-167 EMYRA vs 2 GIRLS! Domino and Autumn! 2 vs 1. Emyra’s domination! full video Hot!

mwl1672Full Video! 2 vs 1. Emyra is quite confident she can beat 2 girls if they are doing a tag team match. She asked me for a match with 2 hot girls of my choice, she said she was feeling like destroying 2 skinny bitches. Well, I chose Domino 110lbs and Autumn 105 lbs. She sat on them, did several scissors, camel clutches, chokes…she was just putting her weight on top of them to humiliate them. At one point, Autumn got so upset she tried to jump in and save Domino from passing out…it worked f

or a bit, but she quickly became Emyra’s victim. Emyra was squeezing her body with her strong legs and Domino jumped in to do a head scissors to Emyra. Even if it affected her strenght for a while, she came back even more upset and got the 2 girls one after the other…The fight is outside…and i can tell you one thing, my NEIHGBORS WERE WATCHING THAT FIGHT!

MWL-174 Emyra vs Autumn (Domination in lingerie)

Full Video Part 1 : This match is obviously gonna be a domination and thats what I wanted to see! I just love when super hot girls are stuck, helpless under thick girls. Emyra doesnt even have to be really aggressive, shes just using her weight to dominate Autumn. She sat on top of her, scissored her, choked her…and the poor red head couldnt do anything… Part 2 : Emyra loves to choke the girls…their neck are so small compared to her strong arms! She made Autumn her victim and the poor girl was totally helpless under her control. Emyra is slowly dominating her, she’s confident with her cocky smile. She got the hot red head in a camel clutch, sat on her back and stayed there to humiliate her some more. She sat on her stomach, hold her hands down, scissored her neck and her tiny body. Autumn couldnt escape any hold, but Emyra was releasing her to see her victim suffer in several holds. She finally got a choke on her and Autumn had to submit before passing out. Part 3 : Emyra is starting to think her victim is a little too weak for her…so she got her in several scissors, chokes her again and did another camel clutch. She did the holds I told her to do to the hot red head. This is the kind of hold I love to see hot girl stuck in…. BUT at the end, what I really wanted to see, is Emyra making Autumn pass out with her breasts. I wanted to see Autumn helpless, under Emyra…Her perfect body stuck under the amazon taking control with some BREASTS SMOTHERING!…
Length: 10 minutes

MWL-132 Emyra v Dayana & Mutiny

Emyra is being such a bitch with all of us! First, I discover that she’s trying to steal our boyfriends and then, she starts hanging around us to challenge us all to wrestling matches. I mean, shes everywhere! she knows she is pissing us off. Dayana and I were at the wrestling venue before a show and Emyra showed up. She wanted to take us both. I started with her in the ring, trying my best but she kept pushing me away. She droped me down on the floor, and she was playing with me. I couldnt do anything even if I tried real hard. I tagued Dayana and she did the same as me. She jumped on her, tried to take control, but Emyra kept pushing her away. She sat on her, put al her weight on Dayana, pushed her in the corner, teased her with gentle slaps in the face and faked to punch her really hard in the stomach to freak her out. Dayana pushed her away and jumped on her but she didnt stay on top for long! Emyra is was too powerful for us. Emyra even spanked Dayana quite hard! my boob is completely out in that part and it adds to the fact that im really humiliated by Emyra. She is pulling Dayana’s hair and she got a camel clutch but D is able to tag me in. I jumped on Emyra but again, couldnt do much. she took control right away. She used the ropes to choke me…and yes, my boob is out and she is exposing my breasts. I wanted to leave the ring! She then sat me on the second turnbuckle to kick me in the crotch….i tried to leave the ring but she kicked the rope and the pain was so intense…she gave me another lowblow! I couldnt take it! she pushed me in the ropes, did a clothesline and got me in a bodyscissors. My boob is still out and i tagued Dayana’s in! She jumped on Emyra and tried to stretch her but E. pushed her away, grabed her hair and almost broke D’ back byt stretching her! I jumped in the ring to help Dayana! I was so upset to see Emyra that confident! I really dont like that girl…so we teamed against Emyra, lowblowed her a bit in the corner, but it didnt last long…. We are teaming against her and we have total control for a minute! yes, a whole minute! We are getting her in full nelsons while the other one is punching her…we got her in the corner, choked her with our foot, did some lowblows, kicks in the crotch, punches, shoulders, etc. But I dont know how she did that, but she managed to push us both and make us bump just by pushing us. She is so strong and so powerful…she doesnt have to be quick…she just uses her power to destroy us… she grabed Dayana while im still dizy (my boob is still out by the way!) and got her in a rear naked choke to make her pass out, i tried to jump on her but she got me too and let me there, my head resting on Dayana’s back… Dayana is wearing a sexy and very small thong while im also wearing a schoolgirl outfit with very small underwear!

length 10 min

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MW-424 Mutiny vs Emyra TOPLESS Nipple and breasts torture + wrestling Full Video

424Full Video Part 1 : we agreed on a 20 minute match with breasts/nipple torture with wrestling moves of course. I was able to fight back this time. We started with a LONG BEARHUG. then I did some breast smothering, I got her dizzy enough to grab a front headscissors. She went for hairpulling, tit grabbing, stretching and headscissors. At the end of this part, im the one stretching her body…shes not used to be helpless… Part 2 : Breasts grabbong, breasts slapping, nipple squeezing, LONG BREASTS TO BREASTS ACTION, breast squashing, LONG BREASTS SMOTHERING, and long bearhug. We also got in a reverse scissors and she was spanking my ass to get out…she got out, and got me in one right after..got me quite dizzy, and then grabbed the rear naked choke… Part 3 : back and forth wrestling moves, scissors, chokes, smothering, she even did a test of strength forcing my boobs together…they were squeezed and it was hurting real bad. some nipple torture…While smothering her, I was slapping my own boob in her face to humiliate her some more. Part 4 : we started that part slapping each other’s boobs…I 4243took over with a take down and I smothered her with one boob! I was forcing it in her mouth, over it, to make sure she couldnt breathe. She got pissed so bad, she got me in a rear naked choke for a long time and I got pretty dizzy. She then grabbed my hair, got me up and went for the bearhug. I tried everything I could but I was helpless. She got me weak, and weaker…I finally ….she left me there, got up…turned around me and got back on top of me to smother me with her boobs. this is how she woke me up, and this is how she made me pass out again….then she left me there, in my backyard, all exposed, for everybody to see….topless….
Length: 18 minutes

MW-400 EMYRA vs DOMINO (Mileena) TOPLESS DOMINATION by Emyra (Part 2)

Part 2 : This is quite simple. MW-400 has 2 parts. In the first part, Domino is in total control until the end, where Emyra got her good. and in THIS PART (PART 2), Emyra leads the match completely. In fact, Domino is just her helpless victim. Both girls are TOPLESS. There is nothing she can do. Long scissors, long chokes, bearhugs, camel clutch, BREASTS SMOTHERING, breasts grabbing, schoolgirl pin (Emyra on Domino), Em is squashing Domino’s breasts. She even choked her with her own top. Emyra is showing Domino that even if she was really quick in the first part, she’s still the dominant one. She’s got her cocky confidant look and yes, im behind the camera, sometimes telling her what she should do to Domino. HOT HOT HOT! if you like the bigger girl to be in control, this match is one of the sexiest we have…this is a slow domination, long holds, both girls topless!!!!
Length: 9 minutes