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MSC-01 Mutiny vs Entropy Wrestling Domination with Scissors

Entropy is in his PJs and he seems to think going to bed with a novel is the greatest idea since sliced bread. The problem is I don’t feel like reading. I’m wearing this little see-through babydoll and this tiny, lace thong, and I’m in the mood for some shagging. I make Entropy an offer he can’t refuse, but I guess he hasn’t seen The Godfather. So I decide to teach him a lesson and torture him by squeezing him between my strong legs in every scissoring position I know. That ought to teach him, right? But don’t worry about him: I make sure he can still satisfy me after I squeeze him into total submission. Length : 11 min

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MW-313 Christmas Special in Spandex! Brooke vs Mutiny

313This is our Christmas little special that I totally forgot to post for Christmas since I was on the beach…very far from a computer! This is a match between Brooke and I. We are both wearing spandex dresses, Im in the green one with no bra. Brooke is always so sexy ! You’ll see scissors, chokes, grapevines, armbars, a lot of stretching and…a glance at my nipple, my boobs almost coming out and same thing for my…lips! my thong is so small that you can almost see everything! Brooke was always getting me in sexual holds and humiliating me! she got very confidant!

Length: 6 minutes

MW-266/ MW-267 Mutiny vs Brooke

Im closing the spandex website for a while because there is not a ot of girls willing to do facesitting in spandex and everybody is asking me that..so Ill wait until I travel a little more to re open it…

Im having a big shoot on thursday with Entropy, Brooke and Domino, so if you have special requests, custom videos, let me know!

I also have new videos and clips from a shoot with SleeperKid, Devon and Jacquelyn Velvets to give you a little later this week, but we still have to do some work on them!

So Im giving you MW-266 and MW-267 2 spandex matches of Mutiny vs Brooke


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