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MW-702 Myleena vs Maria Veyron (new wrestler) Wrestling Domination


Two sexy pro wrestlers but Myleena is the bad ass of MutinyWrestling.com for many years. She knows all the fighting style and she never faced Maria. She is very confident as usual, but Maria is too. She is facing a real challenge. I’ve know Maria for 9 years. She already wrestled for our website YEARS ago as a pro wrestler. Time went by and she came back with a lot more experience. I started my pro wrestling career against Maria when she wasnt even 18 years old. She started very young, same as Myleena. Both ladies are fighters and they both have the same background. Myleena lost some weight recently and Maria didnt complain, she used the tiny tattooed girl and lifted her in air many times, did many submission holds. Even if Myleena fought back, Maria was no match for her…we didnt expect such talent from her. Aggresivity, intensity, talent, etc. They both have it, but one is stronger than the other…Some TOPLESS action, top didnt stay on much.

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MW-509 Mutiny vs Myleena Scissors, Facesitting, breasts and nipple smothernig TOPLESS / THONG


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MW-494 Domino (Myleena) DESTROYING Mutiny with HARD breasts punches. Barehands and gloves. Full Video

FULL VIDEO (description by Myleena/Domino). Mutiny was ready for me since we had a big day ahead of us. we had to shoot many custom videos. The thing is, she was waiting for me to shoot a topless bearhug video, but I had somebody who asked me for a specific video. Mutiny and I got implants at the same time. She got hers in Miami, and I got mine in Montreal. We always argued which one has the best looking boobs. To this day, im sure its me. But the feeling of her boobs is way softer and I always hated that. So this guy asked me to make mutiny p a ss out and then use her boobs has punching bags. OH I GOT MY WAY! Medium to HARD punches. nothing light in that video. only crazy punches. I hand cuffed her and ball gagged her to shut her up and make sure she wouldnt move. You can see the distress and PAIN in her eyes. At one point, she kicked me in the crotch so hard that I lost it completely. I got boxing gloves and punched her breats harder while kicking her crotch. In that video, im also slapping and grabbing her boobs, you can see the marks. + belly punches and pussy punches… I bruised her breasts badly, you can see it too. I didnt know somebody could pass out from the pain…
Length: 5 minutes

MW-582 Myleena vs Madison Full Video

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : These 2 girls look amazing against each other. The contrast is incredible. Black hair, mean look vs blond hair and the sweetest girl around! Both are slim, both wants to win, its an even match for the first part. They both try hard, sexy holds, sexy moves, it was just great to film it!! (myleena = domino) Part 2 : I really thought it would be an easy win for Myleena. But Madison is quite intense! She started with a perfect armbar and i dont think Myleena was ready for that! They both exchanged head scissors after that exposing their perfect bodies…but both moved a lot and tried to escape! sexy action! they didnt want to give up! Part 3 : Myleena started quite intense and jumped on Madison to get her between her legs…. both seems exhausted, but they are still really serious about the fight and especially about winning. Myleena already won against Madison and the pretty blond is here for her revenge, even if its a very hard fight for her. Myleena is so much more experienced than her. But she gave everything she had to get one last submission and nobody expected that ending!

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MWL-117 Domino vs Brooke ”Street Fight”

We were suppose to do some wrestling in my house but things got serious because Domino brought her boyfriend to the shoot and Brooke was quite flirty with him. Domino is usually not the jealous type, but she thought Brooke was going way too far so they decided to go on another street, in the backstreet in fact, right behind some grocery store. I didnt know what they would do, and I dont think they knew it either. Domino is a bad ass chic and in a street fight, I would take for her in a heart beat..I mean, I would really put my money on her! But Brooke told Domino to wait for her in the backstreet…and she sneaked up behind her while D and I were talking, she gave her a forearm in the back than grabbed her to throw her head against the wall. She didnt wait for D to realize what was going on and she went for the knee in the stomach then she started choking poor Domino. She also punched her in the stomach several times! D didnt expect that! Im pretty sure she thought it would be a fight…(Domino’s nipple was almost out all the match!!!)

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