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FULL VIDEO Part 1 : Mercedez and Carlos met before on the mats. They are both very competitive and if one girl could make Carlos tap out, its Mercedez. She is muscular, perfect body with sexy tattoos and she knows how to look good in a bikini. But Carlos doesnt care. He is used to wrestle hot girls in bikinis! They are both very intense and nobody wants to give up. He got great holds on her but she was able to get out of them. Even if she was a little bit more at the bottom, she didnt give up and she is getting more and more upset! Part 2 : Even if Mercedez has trouble breathing, it doesnt mean she’s not giving 110% of herself. She is very feisty and she doesnt intend to give Caros one submission hold. She even made him submit with a bodyscissors and a rear naked choke. She got him twice and didnt want to let him go. She used her muscular legs to control him and thats what helped her. He’s got so much more experience than her, but she is VERY strong. Part 3 : Mercedez is very tired but still very intense. Behind her smile, you can see her pride. She wont stop the match and she wants to win. She is determined to make him pass out. She told me she would and you can see that she is always going for the choke. She got him for a second. He was out and she got a little scared so she let him go. It got him weaker for the rest of the match. He got her good one but she didnt want to submit. Thats also why she had trouble breathing, any other girl would have taped out before but she fought back. She took total control for the last part and Carlos couldnt do anything…its great sometimes to see him lose to a muscular and powerful girl like Mercedez.

Length: 10 minutes
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MW-719 Piledriver Perversion 18 – You Still Lose Bitch mp4 FORMAT



Piledriver Perversion 18 – You Still Lose Bitch
Jezabel Romo vs Mutiny
Sexy Mutiny arrives from Quebec and saunters into the Lucha Girls ring and confronts Jezabel stating she wants a rematch. Jezabel will gladly give her a rematch, as she loves any excuse to dominate girls with her special piledrivers! But then Mutiny states that due to doctors orders she can’t take any piledrivers. Jezabel laughs in her face, why else would this bitch be here, if not for her sensual addiction to piledrivers. So Jezabel, wanting to get this sexy bitch in a match, decides to give Mutiny a match…best of 5 pins wins the match and she is determind to win just as much as Mutiny is. They start off with a bit of titty grabbing hold to hold wrestling, just to warm up (and feel each other up) , suddenly one girl gets the upperhand and PILEDRIVER, gaining the first win!! and the top of the losing girl, who fights back as she is sensually titty groped! Now the match is getting serious as the 2nd pin is won by a Dragon Sleeper and more titties exposed and more fondles and grabs. This match goes back and forth between these two hotties with headscissors, between the leg fondles, breat caresses and multiple piledrivers and various pro wrestling moves. This is definitely a pro style, titty baring sensual stripdown type of match. These girls have been in the ring in previous matches, the cant seem to decide if they like each other and take every opportunity to touch each others voluptuous bodies or if they hate each other and just want to beat each other down. If you like watching 2 girls in a topless pro match than Lucha Girls Wrestling “1603-Piledriver Perversion 18 – You Still Lose Bitch” is the fight for you!
LENGTH: 15 mins


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MW-531 Mutiny vs VEVE LANE semi compt to competitive

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : Veve Lane and I met again in Tampa Bay this year to shoot some matches of all kinds. This one is semi comp to competitive. In fact, its way more competitive than what I usually shoot. Everybody knows how good she is but Im giving everything I have too. I took control on the first headlock, but she reversed it quickly. Great body to body action, and my top is moving after 10 seconds…and my boob is out for the rest of the match! Veve Lane is so muscular and sexy, its incredible! Part 2 : Im never giving up and Ill fight til the end! I think Veve really enjoys wrestling against me, even if shes competitive, she is smiling and she obviously has a great time. I tried scissors on her headlocks, etc. But she always has a way to turn it against me. Im not giving up easily, but she is more dominant. My boobs are out again, and since i know she is a ”pro” i want to hide myself and I think its distracting me a bit (not trying to find an excuse here…) She did an armbar at the end of the second part, and I didnt even have time to try to avoid it… She’s the ronda rousey of our business! Part 3 : Im in control most of the third part. By control i mean that i on top and always trying to get her in something, but shes the one who ends up making me submit. Im making her work a lot… Im always very close, but she’s flipping me over most of the time…(boobs out against…) Part 4 : Again, im on top of her, sitting on her, almost get her in a arm bar, I really thought i wuld get her good this time. She ended up getting me in a hold that I dont even know, she didnt even know what it was either, but i couldnt move at all. She got me in a body scissors but a little too low so i teased her about not being able to make me submit with her scissors…It didnt take long, i was submitting…She then started to humiliate me. I was very surprised when I said that my bikini bottom moved and she started to ”fix it” with her foot. She was rubbing her foot on my pussy, I didnt know how to react at all! She then did some victory poses over me and eventually just STOOD on me! both feet on my body. One on my stomach and the other one on my throat. You can see im panicking a bit, because I dont know her that well, and I dont know if she will push my limits and make me pass out, but she didnt. It was really just to humiliate me some more. Like the match wasnt enough….

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MWL-143 Naja vs V the Cheerleader

V and naja already fought for another company in Montreal named Fightingirls.com  V destroyed Naja that first time because Naja didnt know what to expect at all. They both came to my place to wrestle for MutinyWrestling and MontrealWrestlingLeague. I told them they would have a match together and Naja said : this will be my sweet revenge! V was laughing because she is very strong and confident. This is a very intense match! good holds, ankle locks, scissors, chokes. Naja hates chokes and as soon as V is putting her hands on her throats, she freaks out! But Naja is very good to put all her weight on V to make sur she cannot move. V is looking right to the camera because Im the one behind it and she cannot believe how strong the sexy black girl got in a couple of weeks. Very intense and sporty match, I was very proud to see them both go at it like that! but how humiliating the end is for V! she couldnt escape!!! and naja was laughing and smiling!c4s.com
Length: 11 minutes

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MW-560 Veve Lane vs Mutiny scissors facesitting FULL VIDEO

FULL VIDEO This time Veve Lane started slowly against me. We both had the same outfit a sexy one piece thong with panty hose. We exchanged scissors at the beginning but hard to keep a good one because of our panty hose. Trying to get a good grip meant some rubbing along the way. After she got control, she sat on my face to take advantage. She stretched me a little and you could hear me moan. It was humiliating how she could toy with me. Really warming up here Veve took control of me. I felt helpless when my efforts were in vain. You can see she enjoys dominating me and taking control. She enjoyed herself being on top of me. She was so much in control she had time to show of her ASSets. She went for some more facesitting just to insult me. Tapping her ass to tap out just made her enjoy it that much more. . She is just fooling around with me. I am trying hard but she is keeping my face really close to her nice little ass. As much as I enjoy watching her ass being choke by it was not fun. I managed to get out of it and get her in a body scissors. Having her between my leg was smooth but she escaped and gave me a good stretch. It was painful and humiliating. Part 4 There is just no escaping. She used her muscles very well and just overwhelmed me to take control. She sat on my face and this time I couldn’t do anything. You clearly see her muscular body while she smothers me with her ass till I passe out.
Length: 14 minutes

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