MWL-69 Reese vs Mutiny LIGHT wrestling – Fantasy

Posted by Mutiny on December 26, 2016

When I went to Atlanta, I met Reese. Very sweet girls but she was teasing all the other girls about their skills…we agreed on a non competitive match because we were both exhausted (last match of the night) and we agreed on a match on the bed in my hotel room! she is a lot of fun! she just like to tease! and shes like half my size so I didnt want ot be too rough! but shes super hot as a victim!

Length: 15 minutes

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MWL-117 Domino vs Brooke ”Street Fight”

Posted by Mutiny on January 15, 2015

We were suppose to do some wrestling in my house but things got serious because Domino brought her boyfriend to the shoot and Brooke was quite flirty with him. Domino is usually not the jealous type, but she thought Brooke was going way too far so they decided to go on another street, in the backstreet in fact, right behind some grocery store. I didnt know what they would do, and I dont think they knew it either. Domino is a bad ass chic and in a street fight, I would take for her in a heart beat..I mean, I would really put my money on her! But Brooke told Domino to wait for her in the backstreet…and she sneaked up behind her while D and I were talking, she gave her a forearm in the back than grabbed her to throw her head against the wall. She didnt wait for D to realize what was going on and she went for the knee in the stomach then she started choking poor Domino. She also punched her in the stomach several times! D didnt expect that! Im pretty sure she thought it would be a fight…(Domino’s nipple was almost out all the match!!!)

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MWL-114 Mutiny vs Brooke Pro Wrestling with Chokes

Posted by Mutiny on December 1, 2014

Thats a pro wrestling match between myself and Brooke in STJ’s ring ni California. She got me very good and was quite mean in that match. I am wearing my canadian one piece swimsuit with boots and she’s got a sexy shiny spandex outfit. She is kneeing me, choking me, using the ropes, she did some belly punching, choked me with her foot/boot, and she pinned me grabing both my legs but she was putting pressure on my throat with her shoulder and arm. I can usually take way more punishment then that…but she didnt give me any chance to get back on my feet with this shoulder on my throat after so many chokes…

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MWL-115 Mutiny vs Brooke Wrestling with CHOKES

Posted by Mutiny on November 6, 2014

Brooke and I were in California and we were wrestling for Hit The Mats and TripleS so we decided to do a match with mostly chokes between us. Darrius was holding the camera and you might know about our relationship…well, I always want to prove to Darrius that Im the best. I proved him in this match, thats for sure! I choked Brooke with my bare hands, reverse chokes, rear naked chokes, etc. I made her pass out several times…but I waited for my ultimate ”move” a grapevine with some breasts smothering! I kept that one for the end…poor sexy girl! so humiliating! she was out quite quickly but I kept her under my boobs!….

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MWL-116 Mutiny vs Brooke Wrestling on a bed in lingerie -CHOKES-

Posted by Mutiny on August 13, 2014

We were both wearing the same lingerie before leaving to that wrestling shootin California….Brooke decided we should fight and the winner got to keep the sexy laced underwear. Brooke got crazy with chokes right at the begining but I fought back and I choked her good too. We went back and forth and she finally got me good. I am very close to the camera and Im turning red…I passed out…but it wasnt enough for her, she woke me up, decided to change her choke hold and to choke me some more…I passed out and she left me there on the bed, grabing the camera for a better close up…

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