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MW-432 Mutiny vs Cheyenne semi comp

generated_12962464Part 1 : This is not a competitive match. This is semi comp. Back and forth wrestling, we are both wearing bikinis, exchanges of scissors and chokes in that part

Part 2 : Cheyenne is choking me and we did some pro moves too. Full nelson with scissors, boston crab, camel clutch, headscissors… sexy action!

Part 3 : Some holds that i dont even know the names in that part! we reversed a lot of holds and moves, I did some stumps on her back, chokes, boston crab (on me) body scissors, but i got her in a perfect rear naked choke at the end of the match…

Length 15 min


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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

MW-433 Brooke vs Cheyenne Jewel Training and wrestling parts

Part 1 : in that part, Cheyenne is showing scissors, headlocks and chokes to Brooke…. and then, Brooke is doing them on Cheyenne. its just about showing her how to do them right, to apply the right pressure, etc. Both are wearing sexy one piece and its quite sexy to hear Brooke trying to speak english and Cheyenne behing so nice to her by showing her all that! This is just the training part. the other part is the match between them


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Part 2 : After Cheyenne showed Brooke many holds, Brooke wanted a match. For the first 5 minutes of that match, Brooke is in control and shes applying all the holds the way Cheyenne showed her. I think the hot american is starting to regret it. She is begging Brooke to stop, thats this is dangerous that she can make her pass out. Eventually, Brooke is releasing the holds after a while but she does. Cheyenne gets more and more upset and it shows. Eventually she snaped! Jumping on Brooke and made her pay for all the times she didnt let her go. She promised her to make her taste her own medecine…. she was so rough with the cute Canadian! and so cruel! Brooke didsnt expect that and was not ready. you can see the panic in her eyes! 2 young beautiful girls with sexy bodies, wearing one piece swimsuit …a lot of body to body action, quite sexy!


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MW-484 Mutiny vs Cheyenne SHINY Spandex – Facesitting ass fixiation TOPLESS HUMILIATION **FULL VIDEO

FULL VIDEO ** Part 1 :  this is the wrestling part. With many facesittings, ass fixiation, HOT action! ass smothering TOPLESS   PART 2 : this is theHUMILIATION part. With one long facesitting/ass fixiation, TOPLESS. She made me pass out and attached my hands so i cant move. she then started to rub my clit over my spandex pants….she then rubed her ass (in her shiny spandex pants) on my pussy….and then went down on me, over my pants….to make me cum while I cant do anything to push her off….
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MW-451 Mutiny vs Cheyenne SEXXXfight FULL VIDEO

Full Video Part 1 : We both start with sexy bikinis and not even after a minute, i already took off her bottom! It started quite competitive, but the sexy part took over quite fast…after 3 minutes we are both naked, kissing, fingering, grabbing, touching, etc. Cheyenne even broke the hold to say that we should relax a bit before the match turn into sex only! well, we both got quite turned on, kissing each other while shes on top, thats what i love, you know that….HOT ACTION! Part 2 : I started to take control (breasts fight) and Cheyenne really got turned on. Both naked, we rolled around a bit and I finally got on top, I got her in a single leg boston crab, got her legs open and I was able to reach for her clit. I started to rub her clit, finger her until she’s really close from cumming. Then, she was getting so weak, she turned around and just asked me to do some ”scissoring”/ tribbing with her. We rubbed each other’s pussy (pussy to pussy action) quite intense…until we both came…. I knew i would get Cheyenne turned on enough to have fun with her and to control her!
Length: 9 minutes