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MW-629 Mutiny vs Mercedez

FULL VIDEO For the first minute and a half, its us being friendly. We were practicing some holds at my place and we were having fun that night.. Rick was filming for fun. I was letting her start on top and I asked her to show me how she would try to get out. So this is how everything starts. She is very intense, she wants to make me tap out and she wont let me fix my top at all…My boob got out and she just got me in a choke when she realized that I was looking down to fix it! Part 2 : when i realized that she didnt want to train but wanted to kick my ass, I decided to step up my game. She wanted competitive, i will give her competitive. You should see the great triangle choke at the end of that part, proud of myself! still losing my top, but still a fighter! Part 3 : so i was really willing to give it all to win but i forgot that Mercedez is not only very competitive, but also a sore loser. So when she realized I was still better than her, even if she is stronger, she untied my bikini bottom. So my boobs are out and i lost my bikini bottom while she was still wearing her bikini! We ended up our ”training/competitive match” a little while after…but she agreed to another match where she wont try to get me naked!

Length: 12 minutes

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MW-657 Mutiny vs Carlos

Part 1 : This is an epic Mutiny vs Carlos match. Carlos is in control all the time and he is stretching my back as much as he can while touching me everywhere he can and everytime he can. Im wearing shiny black spandez pants. He just started the match really rough and played with me… Part 2 : This guy is probably the best wrestler out there. He knows so many holds and im lucky to have him working for me but Im not that lucky to face him. He’s skilled but also a pervert! He’s touching my pussy, my breasts and my ass while stretching me to the fullest in holds I dont even know…
Length: 12 minutes
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MWL-176 Whitney vs Kasumi Battle of the beauties 2! FULL VIDEO

FULL VIDEO Part 1 :Whitney and Kasumi are really beautiful ladies and they just hate each other. The minute Kasumi saw the sexy blond , she told me she would kick that bitch’s ass. Kasumi didnt want to wear a bikini because she said she wanted to ”destroy barbie” and have her way with her. In the first part, there is a lot of back and forth, slow action, great holds, and the ”squealing” is REALLY sexy. The sound Whitney does when she’s helpless is quite erotic! Part 2 : even if Kasumi just wants to kick Whitney’s ass, she doesnt realise how sexy and sensual it can gets. All the sounds Whitney makes, A LOT of body to body action, stretching each other legs, wide open, almost exposing Whitney’s crotch to the camera…Its suppose to be an agressive fight, but there is still a sexual tension between those 2 jealous girls! Part 3 : The hot blond is becoming weaker and weaker… Even if she got a triangle choke on the beautiful Kasumi, she wasnt strong enough to make her submit. Kasumi was still in total control…humiliating the blond beauty. She pineed her with her ass up in the air, made her totally helpless several times… You can see that our favorite barbie girl is no match for our dominant Kasumi…