MW-563 Mutiny LIFTING and CARRYING Sasha Full Video

Posted by Mutiny on April 29, 2016

Sasha and I were in Tampa Bay for Fetcon and I was telling her I was strong enough to lift her. She needed a proof so I lifted her. Its very casual lift and carry. Im even asking the cam person what should be my next lift! Over the shoulder carry, over one shoulder, and she even sat on my shoulders!

Length: 5 minutes
Size: 60 MB
Format: WMV

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MW-664 Mercedez lifting and carrying Mutiny and Shady

Posted by Mutiny on July 3, 2015
MW-664 Mercedez Lifting and Carrying Mutiny and Shady (new guy)
Custom video : Basically, this is Mercedez showing off her strength and power. She is lifting me and Shady who is heavier than me… She also leg pressed us, got me on her shoulder (sitting) did calf raises, showed off her muscles to the camera, I touched them, showed them, we were very impressed. She is very strong and powerful, we were just amazing by her…Hot lifts and presses!
Length: 16 minutes

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MWL-138 SpiderGirl vs SuperGirl (Mutiny in control)

Posted by Mutiny on March 10, 2015

SpiderGirl (Mutiny-me) is in the ring when SuperGirl (Maelys) shows up. SpiderGirl is telling SuperGirl how there is no way she would win in a match vs SpiderGirl. But still, SuperGirl seems very confident. By the way, she is the prettiest SuperGirl you ever saw! She seemed so sweet so I wasnt worried at all! We did 3 lock ups in a row and in all of them, she threw me on the floor in a sec! I never expected that! But I was ready! I always have Kryptonite with me in case I meet her OR SuperMan! She started to get really dizy and she fell on the ground. This is when I started to play with her and show her what i could do to her. Fair? maybe not! but so much fun for me! I destroyed her stomach, kicked her in the crotch, stretched her leg, and choked her with her own cape using the ropes..Poor little thing…Im choking her some more, punching her some more…Im using her like a toy! I carried her over my shoulder, on my back (piggy back ride) and Im always asking her whos the strongest one… Im stretching her back in the middle of the ring, getting her in a boston crab, she is suffering, but im not done with that pretty face! Im destroying her stomach some more with shoulders (in the corner) and more belly punching. Well, shes got a perfect stomach so I guess she can take a lot of pain without passing out! I stretched her arms, choked her again on the second rope, using all my weight to keep her there…than I got my Kryptonite to get her weaker. she wasnt able to stand so I got behind her and got her in a rear naked choke…I had enough fun with her in one day…but, she’ll be back Im pretty sure! she’ll seek revenge, I know her…but Ill be ready
Length: 11 minutes

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MWL-92 Mutiny vs June Pro Lift and Carry

Posted by Mutiny on August 26, 2014

We were never very nice with June! She auditioned for the MWL and we took her without showing her much! But we are always placing her in matches with girls with experience so shes always the victim! but in a way, shell learn very fast! so I told her we would do a pro match with lift and carry against Mutiny and try to lift her opponent up every chance we have… she didnt lift Mut, but she choked her ,she stretched her…and she even did an X-Factor!!! Mut was able to lift her more…and she tried a piledriver that she escaped…but she finaly got her in a pile driverl at the end…she couldnt do much after that! it was over! they were both wearing Ed Hardy bikinis, Mutiny is in the black one and shes got the purple and white one with no boots! Im always wearing boots for pro wrestling. 9 MINUTES

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MWL-94 Megane vs Mutiny Pro Lift and Carry

Posted by Mutiny on July 20, 2014

Mutiny talking about her match vs Megane.

Mégane came back after a year and she had to do 4 matches! when she left a year ago, she was still a beginner and I wanted to do some lift and carry with her. The last match I did against her last year was a pro lift and carry and she was getting quite good! I got her in a reverse bearhug, over the shoulder carry twice,,.back to back, i bent over and she couldnt touch the ground. she was barefeet and I had boots on. she got me in a good choke, brought me down and stretched me real good, she surprised me. I got her in a camel clutch and I finally got her in a bearhug and she very fast because I squeezed her as hard as I could i son as she was in the air. she was out. during the match, we exchanged some punches…and I did squats when i had her on my shoulders. 7 MINUTES