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MW-650 Summer vs Carlos Mixed Wrestling Domination by CARLOS

Maybe Summer got a little too cocky with her victory in MW-642. Carlos lowblowed her and then started his revenge. He stretched her, exposed her perfect body, sat on her, did many holds and moves she couldnt even follow and didnt know what was going on. He made her pass out because of the pain, lowblows, torture racks, pure demolition… She is quite a sexy victim in her cute bikini!

length 13 min

free sample 10 sec (free clip coming soon)

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MW-642 Summer vs Carlos Mixed Wrestling Domination by SUMMER

MW-642Summer really took control in that short match! She did some lowblows to take control and then started to scissor Carlos! she did mostly body and headscissors but also a single leg boston crab and some kicks to the crotch too! She laughed at him…and this is why there are other matches between those two, because he didnt take it well and needed to make her pay for her confidance and her cheating! She just enjoyed having him stuck between her legs, asking her to let him go!
Length: 5 minutes

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MW-472 Mutiny vs Carlos MIXED wrestling FULL VIDEO

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : The usual match between Carlos and Mutiny. Carlos is cocky and just wants to destroy her and humiliated her. Description by Mutiny. As usual, he just wanted to expose my body to the camera. He loves to play with me. He stretched my legs wide open while my boobs are almost popping out of my top… He stretched my back, my ass up in the air, because thats what he likes. When im stuck in humiliating positions, exposing my stomach, boobs or ass. Im wearing some sexy and purple booty shorts and a black top almost too small for my boobs….chokes, scissors, stretching, etc Part 2: Carlos is getting rougher and more agressive in this part. The action is just crazy. My BOOBS are out, and he’s making sure to show them and expose my body. Arm bars, boston crabs, and many other humiliating moves while my tits are out of my top. You can see in my face that im upset, but at this point there is not much I can do. He’s dominating me and he’s enjoying every second…. Part 3 : at this point, he’s just going for the k i l l. He’s choking me, rear naked choked, side chokes, etc. He uses headlocks and I cant move at all. He’s really playing with me. My face is red, and he just wants to make me tap some more or make me pass out

Length: 10 minutes

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Free Sample clip
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SPONSORSHIP! Accenty, Carlos, Lily Kat, Summer, Rick, Mutiny


Somebody wrote me to know if its possible to sponsor the shooting. Its always possible. Ill give you the list.

This is for sunday :

Match 01 : Accenty vs Mutiny
Match 02 : Carlos vs Mutiny
Match 03 : Accenty vs Lily Kat
Match 04 : Summer vs Carlos
Match 05 : Accenty vs Mutiny
Match 06 : Summer vs Mutiny
Match 07 : Carlos vs Lily Kat
Match 08 : Accenty vs Summer
Match 09 : Carlos vs Mutiny
Match 10 : Summer vs Mutiny
Match 11 : Carlos vs Lily Kat

For Monday

Probably around
6 matches Mutiny vs Lily Kat
3 Matches Lily Kat vs Rick Karl
5 matches Rick vs Mutiny Wrestler

If you want the ENTIRE SHOOTING (there will also be some topless action //
so it will be around 25 matches total for the entire shoot) I can do it for 140. So its about 5,60$ per match.

25 videos : 140$    5.60$/Video
Mixed Wrestling only : Around 10 matches 60$  so 6$/video
Female Wrestling Only : Around 12 mnatches 60$ so 5$/Video
Accenty Videos only : 20$   5$/video
Mutiny’s Videos only : around 15 matches 75$     so 5$/video

Paypal : marilynstdenis@hotmail.com

same email if you want a custom video!!!! 🙂


MW-523 Madison vs Carlos Mixed wrestling, Scissors, semi-competitive FULL VIDEO

FULL VIDEO Part 1 Mixed wrestling, Scissors, semi-competitive Carlos engaged in a match against the long legged Madison for the first time. They didn’t know each other at all so it started a little smooth but Madison quickly got a good scissors hold with her hot legs around Carlos. The tall hot blonde found herself outmatch by Carlos at some point when he stretched her body until she tapped out. Part 2 : mixed wrestling, school girl pin Madison’s breathing got heavier. You can hear she was enjoying her time with Carlos. Just the way she moved and breathed plus her sensuality would have give her an advantage in a match against anybody. Carlos tried to play it rough but Madison definitely tamed him a little. To make sure she made her point she gave him a nice school girl pin to get in his head even more. Part 3 : Mixed wrestling You can see how much Madison mellowed Carlos in the last part. She had an effect on him because he lost his usual aggression. He relied on his experience and technique to get the last submission because clearly his head was somewhere else. Can you blame him by looking at her?
Length: 11 minutes