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MW-570 Mutiny vs Carlos SeXXXy Mixed Wrestling Domination

FULL VIDEO Description by Carlos : Part 1 I started this match pissed off, Mutiny sent Mercedez to try and hurt me. Then we start that match and she tries to go all nice on me…..well I had other plan. She tried to outsmart me…You don’t outsmart or outwrestle Carlos and I intended to refresh her memory about that… She was gonna pay for that. I started by stretching her badly. I was mean with her because that is all she deserved. Only thing I had in mind… making her submit and humiliate her as much as I could. I got her in a hold and exposed her breasts I know it insults her a lot when I do this. Pulled her hair to get her good and spank her to humiliate her. Part 2 Description by Carlos : She came in a little aggressive had to put her on the floor and pull her hair to calm her down. You can easily see in her face who mad she was. She knew I got her good and she couldn’t do anything. I had her in a camel clutch, she tried to tap out but I held her arm so she wasn’t able to and I could inflict more pain on her. Got her in another hold and exposed her breasts again. You can see how humiliated she was… she was trying to cover herself while I was beating on her. part 3 Description by Carlos: I put her upside down breasts exposed while pulling her hair. She didn’t enjoy at all but I was having a blast. It was fun to see her struggling but I didn’t want to give her hope. She was mine to play with. Unfortunately she had enough and she just left.
Length: 11 minutes

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FULL VIDEO Part 1 : Mercedez and Carlos met before on the mats. They are both very competitive and if one girl could make Carlos tap out, its Mercedez. She is muscular, perfect body with sexy tattoos and she knows how to look good in a bikini. But Carlos doesnt care. He is used to wrestle hot girls in bikinis! They are both very intense and nobody wants to give up. He got great holds on her but she was able to get out of them. Even if she was a little bit more at the bottom, she didnt give up and she is getting more and more upset! Part 2 : Even if Mercedez has trouble breathing, it doesnt mean she’s not giving 110% of herself. She is very feisty and she doesnt intend to give Caros one submission hold. She even made him submit with a bodyscissors and a rear naked choke. She got him twice and didnt want to let him go. She used her muscular legs to control him and thats what helped her. He’s got so much more experience than her, but she is VERY strong. Part 3 : Mercedez is very tired but still very intense. Behind her smile, you can see her pride. She wont stop the match and she wants to win. She is determined to make him pass out. She told me she would and you can see that she is always going for the choke. She got him for a second. He was out and she got a little scared so she let him go. It got him weaker for the rest of the match. He got her good one but she didnt want to submit. Thats also why she had trouble breathing, any other girl would have taped out before but she fought back. She took total control for the last part and Carlos couldnt do anything…its great sometimes to see him lose to a muscular and powerful girl like Mercedez.

Length: 10 minutes
Size: 121 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 1900×1266

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MW-652censuredFULL VIDEO Part 1 Really intense beginning of fight. Shandy didnt know what to expect. She knows Carlos for so long, because he already came to my birthday parties or family parties, but she never saw this side of him. He choked her, stretched her back, did some full nelson, leg holds, camel clutches but she doesnt give up easily. He didnt care because he knows so many holds that when she was escaping one, he grabbed another one right away. She didnt want to do topless, but you see he’s really trying to get one of her big boobs out with those full nelsons! Part 2 : Shandy is starting to have problem breathing, but it doesnt stop her one bit. It gets her even more pissed and she’s really fighting back. At one point she even got him in a scissor hold (body scissors) and she smothered him with her big boobs. He flipped her to reverse it in a boston crab than a crazy leg hold, like a reverse sharp shooter! I dont even know the name of that hold. Part 3 : He realizes that shes getting tired so he started to piss her off even more. He choked her, scissored her, but the way shes trying to escape, the intensity shes giving, makes it really sexy and hot. She doesnt want to give up. He did what he likes to do to new girls, he got a hammer lock on her and got her arm stuck in her own bikini top. FINALLLLY A NIPPLE CAME OUT! he made sure to show it to the camera! and he ended it up with a crazy hold when she is suffocating herself with her own arm…

Length: 10 minutes
Size: 121 MB

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MW-613 Lily Kat vs Carlos Mixed Wrestling Domination

Part 1 : Carlos is complaining about Lily being late. She is not impressed and jumped on him to start the match. She knows him well, she just saw him destroyed me AND Summer back to back. He wanted to see what she was capable of. It didnt take long and he was back on top, took control over her and keeped the holds long enough to make her feel helpless. Her top was moving a lot… Part 2 : she is not going to give up like that. She wants to finish her 10 min fight and she always gets back on her feet. But he is toying with her. This is Lily’s first videoshoot and I told her wrestling was easy, I forgot to mention Carlos would be there to test her. She is truly beautiful when in distress, I must admit! Part 3 : She didnt get down on her knees after the last fall. She stayed up and got him in a SEXY standing scissors between her perfect legs. She didnt let him go and he had to tap out. Right after she got him too and he couldnt move BUT didnt tap out either. That did it for Carlos. He decided not to give her any chance and decided to destroy her some more and make her pay for the submission she got on him. He wanted to make her pass out with a choke, but didnt. It was quite humiliating for her, because her boobs were almost out and it was the first time she was meeting him. We were all there, in front of the mats, looking at the match.

Length 13 min

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PW-01 Carlos vs Mercedez (Domination by Mercedez) Full Video

Description by Mercedez) Full Video Part 1 : In this video i decided to wear a soft color thinking maybe Carlos would go easy and softer…Not what happened…i had to cheat my way through a bit loll and that spank!! I managed to survived…wasnt easy!!! Part 2 : Carlos had it a bit hard he doesnt always manage to do what he wants with me. A lot of leg power goes into this clip his boxers had a small problem too Part 3 Carlos tries breaking my arm in the beginning, he likes to play rough. He manages to pin me down a few time seven chokes me with my own arm!!! I had my work cut out. My boobs got out…

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