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MW-484 Mutiny vs Cheyenne SHINY Spandex – Facesitting ass fixiation TOPLESS HUMILIATION **FULL VIDEO

FULL VIDEO ** Part 1 :  this is the wrestling part. With many facesittings, ass fixiation, HOT action! ass smothering TOPLESS   PART 2 : this is theHUMILIATION part. With one long facesitting/ass fixiation, TOPLESS. She made me pass out and attached my hands so i cant move. she then started to rub my clit over my spandex pants….she then rubed her ass (in her shiny spandex pants) on my pussy….and then went down on me, over my pants….to make me cum while I cant do anything to push her off….
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Fun in Milan 4 clips!

I did some very special videos while in Milan. Videos I dont usually shoot. But I was by myself, kinda lonely and I needed action!!! 😛

So I shot very sexy videos, one in a schoolgirl outfit, one in spandex, one completely naked and one in bikini for people who like boots (shoe fetish).

Im giving you the first part of each video (to all members of MutinyWrestling)

MW-358 Part 1

MW-359 Part 1

MW-360 Part1


MW-362 Part 1

Mutiny vs Aiden : VERY Special Match!

mw202p1Aiden’s got a very sexy ass, one of the sexiest body I saw in the wrestling business. But she never wears a thong!!!?? So I decided to challenge her to an ”ass Match” we had to humiliate the other girl with our ass and/or to smother her… of course, my ass is twice the size of hers, but she is quite good at wrestling, so she got me….some times… Im wearing a thong and she is wearing panties with a shirt (with no bra under…) she is slaping my ass so hard in that match…its all red!

In the third part, Im siting on her face, she sat on my face after and we both did reverse headscissors to show to the other girl our ass….the ultimate goal for both of us was to smother the other one with our ass… and guess who did?! come on! dont think its Aiden!!!! my butt is way bigger than hers!!! I could have killed her with mine!!!! but I just made her pass out!!!!!!! you have to see this!! poor Aiden!!! she is a skilled and fast wrestle, but my ass can make anybody pass out!


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