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MW-254 Mutiny vs Domino Pro Stye + lift and Carry

MUTINY WRESTLING WRESTLER DOMINOIm in total control of Domino….2 piledrivers, I knocked her out…I did some over the shoulder carry, bearhugs, bodyslams, back breakers, reverse bear hug, camel clutch, and some stretching!

we are both wearing pro outfits! with boots….and she is wearing very small booty shorts!!!

at the end, im grabing the camera in my hands (Brooke was filming the match) because I wanted to make sure we have a good view on this sexy Ko Domino!

Free Sample Clip

Full Length Video

MW-250 Gia Primo vs Mutiny -You must see this!-

Mutiny Gia Primo WrestlingI will post the entire match in my videostore (that Im trying to fix because I had a little technical problem) So it should be done over the week end!

So I finaly met the Great Gia Primo!!!

I went to meet her in her hometown, Chicago!

We did several matches, all types of fights…light wrestling to competitive wrestling, belly punching to foot fetish stuff!

She is definitly a great girl and if you have the chance to wrestle her, you must do it! she is a tough girl!!!

Two clips of a 25 min match I did against her at her place. (there is actually 6 clips for that video OR one big video)

MW-250 Part 1

MW-250 Part 2

Mutiny Wrestling Gia

gia pin Mutiny Wrestling

MW-237 // MW-236 // Part 1 Brooke vs Mutiny


236MW-236 Part 1 Mutiny vs Brooke New England Patriots vs mtl Alouettes Part 1
Part 1 This first part is mostly scissors done by myself (Mutiny) and Brooke was able to pined me but she didnt make me submit… She is wearing the Montreal Alouettes top and Im wearing the New England Patriots jersey and socks!! we are both wearing shorts… this first part is a little more slow than usual, we are keeping the holds longer… I wanted to show Brooke it was easy to control her..and I was very confident 🙂



237MW-237 Part 1 Mutiny vs Brooke Boston Bruins vs Mtl Canadiens PART 1
Brooke and I are hockey fans (well, Im more into babseball, but…) and I prefere the Boston Bruins….and of course there is a big rivalry between Montreal and Boston…. So Brooke is wearing a Montreal Canadiens tank top and Im wearing a Boston T-Shirt…. and we fought about whos the best team!!!!! For the first time, BROOKE IS WEARING A THONG!!!! AND I SLAPED HER ASS! she got me in a single leg boston crab…she got me in a headlock and she pined me… I got her in scissors…got a arm bar and some fancy moves!!! it was a fun semi competitive playful match!

Mixed Wrestling 4 videos to apologize!!!

I didnt post anything for 2 weeks because I wasnt home, but I have 4 new mixed wrestling videos for you!!!

With Jack, Carlos, Aiden andt I (Mutiny)! I did theise videos a long time ago with my old camera and I recieved the new wire to tranfer the videos in my computer and I found very old ones!!! Its about time!!!!

MW-183 Mutiny vs Jack 16:11

MW-184 Mutiny vs Carlos 15:57

MW-187 Mutiny & Aiden vs Jack 11:08

MW-190 Aiden vs Carlos 15:53