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MWL-163/ MW-408 Withney vs Autumn FULL VIDEO

FULL VIDEO Both women are incredibly sexy. They are both fighting for Dangerous Curves/DangerousVideo.com . Withney is wearing a white bikini and Autumn a green bikini. They both want to win and they both try really hard…Autumn is a little more cocky and confident! The first weekend of may, these sexy girls are coming to my place with DangerousVideo to shoot several wrestling matches (lift and carry too). If you would like a custom video, let me know! In this video, you’ll see pins, submissions, stretching, full nelson, scissors, schoolgirl pins, etc. a lot of body to body action! those girls are so beautiful, like all the girls on DangerousVideo. Kasumi and Domino are going to wrestle against them for sure, and dont worry, Ill have my hands on those 2 for sure! 33 min for only 24,95$!!!

Length: 33 minutes

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MWL-173 Mutiny vs Autumn (Total DOMINATION by Mutiny – lift-carry + pro style)

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : As soon as the match begun, I took control. I pushed her against the wall and start giving her some knees to the stomach. I know shes way smaller than me, and she never pro wrestling so I had a big advantage. I stretched her, picked her up in my arms, walked with her, im telling you, this is a total domination. I tried to give her a piledriver, but her hair was stuck under my knees, so I just got her dizzy. Dizzy enough to keep having fun with her! Part 2 : Got her up on her feet, pushed her into the wall again…gave her some punches to the stomach, stretched her good in several holds…but I also lifted her and spined her (airplane). I threw her on the mats, got her in some pro holds to stretch her back a little more (camel clutch) because I really wanted to get her weak enough to get the TORTURE RACK! I got her up on my shoulders and spinned her a little bit… after all, I can do whatever I want with her! generated_8878457Part 3 : Bearhug, reverse bearhug, single leg boston crab, scissors, armbars, hammerlock, lift and carry (with some squats!) I went for the piledriver again, but she got out…and started begging me! thats what I like about weak victims..the begging part! Part 4 : (LONG BEARHUG) so the piledriver didnt work…so I decided to destroy her a little more… I stretched her back again…you an see in her face that shes in pain and she wants me to stop…so this is why i didnt! she didnt beg me enough! She thought she was tough enough to do a 20 min pro style match, well, this is what we’ll do! I gave her some punches to the stomach to get her weaker…and this is when I got her IN A LONG BEARHUG!!! This is what I wanted to do from the beginning! Grab a long bearhug and KEEP IT until she cannot take it anymore…OR….she passes out…. she is so sexy with her long and perfect hair…in pain… VICTORY POSES at the end of the match….over her body…
Length: 20 minutes
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MW-167 EMYRA vs 2 GIRLS! Domino and Autumn! 2 vs 1. Emyra’s domination! full video Hot!

mwl1672Full Video! 2 vs 1. Emyra is quite confident she can beat 2 girls if they are doing a tag team match. She asked me for a match with 2 hot girls of my choice, she said she was feeling like destroying 2 skinny bitches. Well, I chose Domino 110lbs and Autumn 105 lbs. She sat on them, did several scissors, camel clutches, chokes…she was just putting her weight on top of them to humiliate them. At one point, Autumn got so upset she tried to jump in and save Domino from passing out…it worked f

or a bit, but she quickly became Emyra’s victim. Emyra was squeezing her body with her strong legs and Domino jumped in to do a head scissors to Emyra. Even if it affected her strenght for a while, she came back even more upset and got the 2 girls one after the other…The fight is outside…and i can tell you one thing, my NEIHGBORS WERE WATCHING THAT FIGHT!

MWL-174 Emyra vs Autumn (Domination in lingerie)

Full Video Part 1 : This match is obviously gonna be a domination and thats what I wanted to see! I just love when super hot girls are stuck, helpless under thick girls. Emyra doesnt even have to be really aggressive, shes just using her weight to dominate Autumn. She sat on top of her, scissored her, choked her…and the poor red head couldnt do anything… Part 2 : Emyra loves to choke the girls…their neck are so small compared to her strong arms! She made Autumn her victim and the poor girl was totally helpless under her control. Emyra is slowly dominating her, she’s confident with her cocky smile. She got the hot red head in a camel clutch, sat on her back and stayed there to humiliate her some more. She sat on her stomach, hold her hands down, scissored her neck and her tiny body. Autumn couldnt escape any hold, but Emyra was releasing her to see her victim suffer in several holds. She finally got a choke on her and Autumn had to submit before passing out. Part 3 : Emyra is starting to think her victim is a little too weak for her…so she got her in several scissors, chokes her again and did another camel clutch. She did the holds I told her to do to the hot red head. This is the kind of hold I love to see hot girl stuck in…. BUT at the end, what I really wanted to see, is Emyra making Autumn pass out with her breasts. I wanted to see Autumn helpless, under Emyra…Her perfect body stuck under the amazon taking control with some BREASTS SMOTHERING!…
Length: 10 minutes

MWL-166 Mutiny vs Autumn Wrestling Domination by Mutiny Full Video

Full Video Autumn is one of the sexiest female wrestler. She is also one of my favorite jobber! I know that when I wrestle against her, ill win and she’ll look hot even if shes losing badly! Shes the kind of girl you want as the loser. She is sexy as hell, the way she moves is freakin’ hot. I just love to be in control over pretty girls like her…Its late at night, im using triangle chokes, scissors, grapevines, stretchs, camel clutches, boston crabs and Im also smashing her boobs with mine. she was laughing at first since she didnt know what I was doing, but she quickly stopped…

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