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MW-644 Summer vs Lily Kat One Piece Thong tournament QUARTER FINAL 03

QUARTER FINAL : I was so happy when Lily Kat picked Summer’s name for the tournament! I never thought those two would face each other but this is an amazing match up! Both girls are almost the same size and they are 2 cuties! Some pretty girls are way too girly and thats what i thought when I met them, but they are extremely intense and I they got intense very fast. They weren’t scared of the other girl and they knew they both had a chance to get in the semi final. They went back and forth and exchanged scissors, grapevines, boston crabs, single leg crab (sexy) and chokes. I dont even understand how the boobs stayed in! I mean, they are almost out! so close, i think thats what makes that match so sexy! Summer is wearing the pink one piece and Lily is in black. I think that experience made the difference in that match. One had a little more matches in the past and more opponents to learn from…
Length: 11 minute

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MW-118 Ashley vs Mutiny Comp Belly Punching (one of my favorite match)

MW118Somebody told me the link was broken, so here it is! one of my favorite match…seriously, this match is in my top 5 matches for real.

BELLY PUNCHING, BELLY PUNCHING! Ashley got crazy, she just destroy my stomach. My belly is turning red very quickly, she is squeezing me (im squeezing her too at some point!) I also got a submission, but she got a little more than that.! she just doesnt care at all about hurting people, maybe im a little too nice! well, i might ask for a rematch if people liked this one! also…she took off my top! so ..it was a distraction!

22 min video of Belly Punching, competitive wrestling.

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Old Wrestling Videos Female Wrestling

Im giving you older videos I did…years ago, some I never posted because of many reasons, some I totally forgot about!!!

But I realized that some of you might enjoy them! dont worry, Ill post new stuff too a little later tonight!


Clip 1 Mutiny vs Ashley


Both babes wear sporty outfits for this third round of their rivalry. ?This time, I don?t want to be distracted by my outfit, Mutiny commented before she joined busty Ashley on the mat. And again, blonde Ashley refuses to let Mutiny have the upper hand. This bout is slightly in Mutiny’s advantage, showing that maybe the cute grappler is starting to crack tough Ashley’s defenses.

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Clip 2 Mutiny vs Ashley


Grappling in sexy, sporty outfits and boots, Mutiny and busty Ashley let loose again. And for our viewing pleasure, they prove to be very well matched again, until Mutiny gets caught in an armbar and resist valiantly, risking injury by refusing to submit. Again, a seesaw battle that doesn?t come any closer to settle these Amazon’s rivalry.

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Clip 10 Mutiny vs Holly


Mutiny vs Holly scissors facesitting

When I went to wrestled for catfightingangels, I met holly! I did some videos with her, facesitting scissors. a lot of very good videos. She is a very sexy girl. Im a lot bigger than her and I thought it would be easy. Well, it wasnt that easy because her scissors are very strong and she is very fast. She surprised me a lot!

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Clip 11 Mutiny vs Holly


Mutiny vs Holly scissors facesitting

Another video with facesittings and scissors vs holly. Depending your opponent, you often change your style of wrestling. Sometime you’ll cheat, sometime you’ll try to grab a little more, sometime you’ll go with headlocks and chokesbut with holly, I prefer to do facesittings and scissors… she is so sexy while she is under me…but to be quite honnest she got me too in that one! she surprised me again!