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MWL-59 Mutiny vs Aiden

When Mutiny told Aiden about the league, you now Aiden, she started laughing. She tought it was stupid and wanted to show Mutiny how stupid it was by kicking her ass. Well, the idea of the league was to train new girls that never did any type of fighting before and make them become good fighters and make them travel. K did, she went to Florida and Boston, and now Brooke is going to California to wrestle female wrestlers over there.

we also thought it would be great to ask other great female wrestlers like Aiden from Toronto to come here and to help the girls to improve…well, she wanted to destroy them, starting with Mutiny…

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MW-186 Mutiny & Aiden vs Jack & Carlos (Topless)

186Aiden and I are both wearing blue tank tops and black panties. Jack and Carlos are as cocky as usual. From the start, Carlos started to call us whores and bitches…and he started the match against Aiden. He was very rough, we thought we would start a little slower, but he didnt care much. He got her in a very tight hammerlock to make her submit. Than, it was my turn to face him. I got him in scissors and some headlocks but he took control againt and Aiden came back on the mats to face him. We both realized they were to tough for us so we used our secret weapons!!! OUR BOOBS! I took my top off and showed my boobs to Carlos so he got distracted. Aiden smothered him with her breasts, and mad ehim submit! Jack came in and was really upset. he didnt want anything to distract him! So Aiden finally took her top off too! Jack had to submit eventually and carlos came back and Aiden and I double teamed him! she was holding him while I was teasing him, Jack got pissed and got me off him to wrestle me. So Aiden was wrestling Carlos while Im wrestling jack at the same time! Aiden got her opponent in a very strong scissor to make him tap and I was sitting on Jack and Aiden came to help me. Im sitting on his neck, topless, while Aiden spread his legs and shes playing with his dick (hes got shorts on) with her feet. With both girls topless, both guys were obviously getting weaker and we were able to double team them pretty good…and humiliate them. Aiden and I are the best team for that 🙂

Length: 23 minutes

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Mutiny vs Aiden : VERY Special Match!

mw202p1Aiden’s got a very sexy ass, one of the sexiest body I saw in the wrestling business. But she never wears a thong!!!?? So I decided to challenge her to an ”ass Match” we had to humiliate the other girl with our ass and/or to smother her… of course, my ass is twice the size of hers, but she is quite good at wrestling, so she got me….some times… Im wearing a thong and she is wearing panties with a shirt (with no bra under…) she is slaping my ass so hard in that match…its all red!

In the third part, Im siting on her face, she sat on my face after and we both did reverse headscissors to show to the other girl our ass….the ultimate goal for both of us was to smother the other one with our ass… and guess who did?! come on! dont think its Aiden!!!! my butt is way bigger than hers!!! I could have killed her with mine!!!! but I just made her pass out!!!!!!! you have to see this!! poor Aiden!!! she is a skilled and fast wrestle, but my ass can make anybody pass out!


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MW-232 Aiden vs Domino


PART 1 Aiden came to my house, she is from Toronto…and I asked her if she could wrestle Domino. She saw her pic on my website and she was laughing so hard…telling me it would be a piece of cake! well, it wasnt soooo easy! Domino knows her thing! she knows the moves and the holds! Aiden was surprised…. parts 2 and 3 coming soon in the video store!! Dominos top is moving A LOT!

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