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MWL-110 Mutiny vs Aiden

Very good match, intense but you can see we still loike to wrestle each other. It gets really rough, but we can still smile when we are in control and laugh at the other girl on the bottom. Aiden and I are quite even. We are both as skilled as the other one, she is way faster than me, way more flexible but Im heavier and Im a little stronger. So it makes us quite even! The difference is that Aiden can become really crazy when she gets you. you never know if shes gonna release you on time before passing out or she will just snap and make sure you wont get up…and this is what happened to me in that match. But until the end, you dont have a clue how its gonna turn. very good match and crazy outfits! sexy!
Length: 12 minutes

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MWL-59 Mutiny vs Aiden

When Mutiny told Aiden about the league, you now Aiden, she started laughing. She tought it was stupid and wanted to show Mutiny how stupid it was by kicking her ass. Well, the idea of the league was to train new girls that never did any type of fighting before and make them become good fighters and make them travel. K did, she went to Florida and Boston, and now Brooke is going to California to wrestle female wrestlers over there.

we also thought it would be great to ask other great female wrestlers like Aiden from Toronto to come here and to help the girls to improve…well, she wanted to destroy them, starting with Mutiny…

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MWL-54 Aiden vs Jezabel

A fight between Jezabel and Aiden turned really bad when Aiden snaped…(that video will be available on Jezabel’s site www.jezabelknight.com/) but Aiden wasnt done with her. She drank some water and came back to humiliate Jezabel a little more…The MWL were behind me while I was filming the match and they got scared of Aiden…we didnt know she could snap like that!

Its almost sad that Carlos couldnt be there to watch that!!!

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