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MW-608 ACCENTY dominating Lily Kat BBW (Bearhugs, scissors, schoolgirl pin, breasts smothering) Full Video

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : This is the first part of 3 parts and the full video is already on sale in my store. Accenty is meeting Lily Kat on the mats. The BBW did exactly what she did to Mutiny, Madison, Mercedez and Star. She destroyed lily kat and started with straight and reverse bearhugs..long ones… the poor little Lily is trying to get out and you can see she doesnt understand why Accenty is such a bully to cute girls..Part 2 : there is a very sadistic side to Accenty. She just sat on lily kat, straddled her, just waiting for lily to do something. even if the cute french girl really tried hard, she is stuck under that massive BBW. But accenty decided to push the humiliation even more…she smothered the sexy lily with her breasts. shes got that evil laugh…. Part 3 : she just flipped on the side and got Lily Kat stuck between her powerful legs. Her legs are bigger than Lily’s body. Lily is 110lbs and Accenty is 320lbs… she then flipped on the other side, because shes obviously playing with Lily, and she started doing some long breasts smothering with a smile on her face. Lily is stuck there, begging her, but Accenty doesnt care…she uses her huge tits against lily…poor girl, we were all watching and we didnt want to do anything because we knew we could be next….
Length: 12 minutes
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MW-519 Accenty vs Star : STRADDLED and SCISSORED until she ! Full Video

Full Video. Total domination from Accenty. She just pushed Star on the floor and sat on her for a good 5 min. The amazingly pretty girl couldnt do anything. She tried to escape, tried to move…But accenty is putting all her weight on her. She is moaning in pain, but shes also humiliated. She is a real wrestler and Accenty isnt trained. But she knows how to use her weapon, her weight. She sat on Star,s stomach and then, flipped on the side to get her in a body scissors. She didnt let her go and kept it another 5 min. squeezing as hard as she can. Star is stock between Accenty’s strong legs. The way she tries to escape is soooo sexy, but she just cant…the pressure is getting too hard and she just couldnt take it anymore…. SEXY SEXY straddling….
Length: 10 minutes

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SPONSORSHIP! Accenty, Carlos, Lily Kat, Summer, Rick, Mutiny


Somebody wrote me to know if its possible to sponsor the shooting. Its always possible. Ill give you the list.

This is for sunday :

Match 01 : Accenty vs Mutiny
Match 02 : Carlos vs Mutiny
Match 03 : Accenty vs Lily Kat
Match 04 : Summer vs Carlos
Match 05 : Accenty vs Mutiny
Match 06 : Summer vs Mutiny
Match 07 : Carlos vs Lily Kat
Match 08 : Accenty vs Summer
Match 09 : Carlos vs Mutiny
Match 10 : Summer vs Mutiny
Match 11 : Carlos vs Lily Kat

For Monday

Probably around
6 matches Mutiny vs Lily Kat
3 Matches Lily Kat vs Rick Karl
5 matches Rick vs Mutiny Wrestler

If you want the ENTIRE SHOOTING (there will also be some topless action //
so it will be around 25 matches total for the entire shoot) I can do it for 140. So its about 5,60$ per match.

25 videos : 140$    5.60$/Video
Mixed Wrestling only : Around 10 matches 60$  so 6$/video
Female Wrestling Only : Around 12 mnatches 60$ so 5$/Video
Accenty Videos only : 20$   5$/video
Mutiny’s Videos only : around 15 matches 75$     so 5$/video

Paypal : marilynstdenis@hotmail.com

same email if you want a custom video!!!! 🙂


MW-565 Madison vs Accenty BBW, Domination, straddle

Madison didn’t know what she was getting herself into. Accenty threw her on the ground and sat on her and straddle her to take control. A school girl pin held the model on the floor. You see Madison struggling to get out. Her breath accelerates and she panics. Accenty puts her huge breast in Madison’s face. Accenty is just dominating and laughing at the little beauty.   Accenty turned  Madison and got her good with a strong body scissor. As Madison struggles to get out you can see Accenty is just toying with her enjoying dominating her without breaking a sweat, even teasing Madison to try harder. It gets to a point when Accenty’s scissor is too strong for Madison and she passes out.

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FULL VIDEO Part 1 : This is the part where MUTINY is getting squeezed by ACCENTY. Reverser and straight bearhug. She is sitting ni her living room, while waiting for Accenty’s husband, that is always paying Mutiny for sessions…but they also spend tmie together from time to time but Accenty doesnt approve…but this time, Mutiny brought a friend with her…and that was a wise move, because Accenty was able to make Mutiny lose consciousness… so her friend Mercedez came…and tried to help her (part 2) BOOBS TO BOOBS ACTION Part 2 : Accenty got even more pissed when she saw Mercedez in the living room. she knows her husband LOVES tattoos. She did exactly the same thing she did to Mutiny. BUT Mercedez fought back a lot… still, there is nothing she could do…. Part 3 : Accenty is doing a double bearhug to Mutiny and Mercedez AT THE SAME TIME….a lot of boobs to boobs action!!!!

Length: 10 minutes

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