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MW-647 Mutiny vs A-Low Cat One Piece Thong tournament FINAL

FINAL :FINALLLLLY! It happened! A new girl to face! A-Low Cat vs myself. VERY tight match. We even had to fight after the bell to have a winner. Amazing holds, one of us got injured on the last hold (arm bar, but nothing serious, just an amazing one and the person really wanted to win!!!)I wearing white, while she’s wearing black, A-Low is quite the new sensation and she is an amazing opponent. She is skilled, fast and I hope to face her many times in the future! We had a belt for the winner! Sexy and intense match. (My boobs are out…a lot!)
Length: 13 minutes

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MW-648 A-Low Cat vs Summer FULL MATCH

FULL VIDEO : Part 1 : Very good action, back and forth semi competitive wrestling between 2 very sexy girls. A-Low is very sporty looking while Summer is super cute in her schoolgirl outfit. A low didnt know she had a challenge with Summer, she thought she would beat her easily! But the little feisty schoolgirl was really agressive too! scissors, chokes, but the sexiest move of the match is Summer holding A Low down. both girls with the ass in the air…SO amazingly sexy! Part 2 : I knew A Low would be surprised, and that would affect her game a little bit but I knew she would fine a way to come back stronger because she is more skilled. Our sexy black girl got very intense and started dominating the cute schoolgirl. Many different holds, back stretch, leg holds, ankle locks, neck scissors, etc. Summer is still fighting back, but A Low’s skills are amazing!

Length: 11 minutes
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MW-646 Lily Kat vs A-Low Cat One Piece Thong tournament SEMI FINAL 02

SEMI FINAL : Winner #2 vs Winner #3. This is another match up that I was very happy about. The biggest start of another wrestling company (A low Cat) vs my newest start that everybody loves, Lily Kat. The first one is a real tiger! She’s a fighter and is ready to fight any girl on her path while the other one is a sweet girl, who likes to fight fair and is always nice and smiling. Well, Lily started the match quite strong and got the upper hand on A-Low, but its like the sexy black girl wanted to see what Lily was made of. It got more and more intense and Lily lost her smile very quickly to make place to her evil eyes. She wanted to win and she realized she needed to be serious about this fight and that A-Low aint Summer! Our beautiful ebony girl got a little cocky and that got Lily even more pissed. I actually think its the first time I see her that upset. A-Low started to take control with some stretching to expose Lily’s body and she ended up sitting on her chest with a big smile on her face. Lily Kat is completely humiliated and even left the mats after the match…VERY sexy holds!

Length: 11 minute

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MW-645 Mercedez vs A-Low Cat One Piece Thong tournament QUARTER FINAL 02

QUARTER FINAL : My strongest wrestler, Mercedez, picking the other female wrestling companie’s top wrestler of the year, A-Low Cat. What an amazing match up? I (Mutiny) wanted to pick A-Low Cat or Mercedez to get them out ot the tournament in the first round! But Mercedez picked A-Low’s name! And after seeing that fight, im quite happy it happened this way! Mercedez boobs are quickly out of the one piece thong! and nobody is complaining that her perfect tits got out! Both are strong, I would say Mercedez is stronger, but A-Low Cat is much more skilled and fast. She is a natural, you can see it. I never saw her fight and I must say I was quite impressed! They exchanged headscissors, grapevines, bodyscissors, chokes, and there is a lot of ”ass in the air” action with great butt/crotch shots. Two very athletic girls going at it and wanting to win and get to the semi final… it cant get hotter than that…
Length: 11 minutes

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