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Birthday: May 3, 1984
Current City: Terrebonne, Quebec
Hometown: Terrebonne, Quebec

Favorite Quotations “I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”
— Marilyn Monroe

“I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”
— Marilyn Monroe

Education and Work


Obviously, it’s not English! I speak French. I’m still learning English and Spanish.

Family :

My parents are still together and they also live in Terrebonne, I bought a house 3 streets from them!. They are, with my grand mother, my best friends. They mean a lot to me and they are also the persons that I admirer the most.  My grand mother, she’s the funniest person on Earth! She has purple hair, she tavels with me very often and she’s my #1 fan! hahah

I don’t have any brother or sister. My father raised me like a guy and my mother like a sweet little princess! Well, I guess this is why Im who I am now!


I really like to eat! I like to try everything but I hate sea food! I love Italian Food, Indian, Vietnamese and Thai food!

My fav restaurant in the world is PING PONG in London! Thanks Richard for bringing me at that restaurant!!!

I also love BE GOOD in Boston, this is the best burgers and shake in the world!

For other very Good burgers I go to Dic Ann’s! i dont know where else to find that restaurant, but we have Dic Anns’a everywhere in Montreal!

For breakfast, I eat fruits, cheese bagel and a little cup of chocolat for my fruits! thats when I go to the restaurant! At home I eat fruits, 2 scrambled eggs, and cheese!


I don’t really like alcohol, I dont like beer at all, but I like wine and vodka cranberry. I always drink water! The best orange juice that I drank is in Portugal when I worked for a wrestling company over there!

Movies from Quebec

es Invasions Barbares
    Le déclin de l’Empire Américain
Moïse: l’Affaire Roch Thériault
Histoire de Pen
15 février 1839, Octobre, Le Party, 

La grande séduction
(they translate it in english, I dont know if it’s good..but in French…wow!


BLACK and PURPLE! like the Colorado Rockies logo.


I love cats and I have 11  at home! TiGris, Puce, Ginger, Bridget, Tobby,  Roxie, Cashew, Mcfly, Nitro, Spock, Charlot. They are like friends to me, I tell them everything and I really can trust them! haha!


I never wear fancy/ expensive clothes. I don’t know why my money should go there…but I like latex and PVC…I try to control myself, but this is a fabric that i really like 😉 I love SPANDEX its feels so good and I love small bikinis that you cant wear in public! EBAY is my best friend!

96 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Mutiny!!
    Thanks for such a quick response!!
    Have you ever been to the greatest province in Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador?
    That’s where I live. I don’t travel much, so if you ever travelled east from Quebec, I would like to discuss arranging a fantasy match.
    I wish you the best!!
    Keep doing what you do!!

  2. Does anybody know how to book a private session? I’ve sent emails to two different accounts, and a Facebook message, but I don’t get any responses.

  3. I have bought and account and I can’t acces videos it won’t let me sign in and I’ve spent money I would like a refund u can check I haven’t signed in once and it won’t even let me cancerl my account

  4. I do share many of the innocent tastes that you do: Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Shakira, Celine Dion, really enjoy Calvin and Hobbes (tragic that he stopped), CSI Miami (is something I was introduced to and developed a taste for), CSI, I also like the Old Battlestar Galactica (the one with Lorne Greene, and John Colocos (as Adama and Baltar respectively, and I did enjoy the rendition of the ‘head villian’ Count Iblis- a really spactacular villian), Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins were 2 of the main artists in Genesis (Home by the Sea is still one of my favorites!).

  5. Hi Mutiny,

    Would be interested in discussing setting up a custom match with Domino. Topless if possible.

    Can you email me so we can discuss?

    Thanks, Phil

  6. HI Mutiny

    I loved the Low blow MW-462 (Crotch Torture) match with Rick Any plans on a second one?

    Would be awesome if you a second one wearing a sexy skirt all dolled up…. and he kept try to stop your from changing into your wrestling gear sounds unfair I know, what do you think?

  7. Hello Mutiny! I love your work! I especially love the street fights. I think a street fight with you and Brooke would be awesome!! Any chance you would be interested?

  8. Hey Mutiny

    I have a custom match request

    Between you and Mercedes if she’s up for it an exact match from MSP-36 the one with brooke breast vs breast domination only have Mercedes dominate you if that’s OK

    If you’re cool with it let me know I’m thinking of a 20 minute match with less bear hug time and let me know how to make the payment for it


  9. Hi Mutiny,

    I’m interested in having you make a custom video. Please email if you are interested.


  10. Not sure if this went through but I was wondering about a street fight with Mutiny that could be about 15-20 minutes. Big fan of Mutiny and street fighting!!

  11. Hi Mutiny,

    Your WB270 page shows you visiting Manchester, UK in Septemeber, what is the best way to contact you regarding meeting up for a session?

    Great website and thank you.


  12. Hi Mutiny,

    I ran across one of you videos on clips4sale and I think you are amazing. I produce girl/girl fetish videos in Los Angeles and I am very interested in booking you for a shoot. The content I produce mainly includes girl/girl face sitting, foot worship, trampling, wresting, domination, and humiliation. I was wondering if you ever travel to Los Angeles. I would love to hear back from you.

    Thank you,


  13. Hey Mutiny, I have enjoyed your low blow matches in the past like MW- 98 with Meave. I would definitely like to see another LOW BLOW match between you and another female wrestler!


  14. Hi Mutiny,

    I wanted to book a private session, I have sent an email to mutiny@mutinywrestling.com but i haven’t gotten a response, I don’t know if this is the right email to contact you or that you might be very busy. If anything whats the right email to book a private session.


  15. Hello Mutiny,

    What’s your availability like for a private session this month?
    It doesn’t look like my emails have been getting through.

    Thank you

  16. Hi Mutiny,

    I’m very interested in having a private session with you what’s the best way to contact you for one. I live in Montreal so it makes things much easier too. Thanks. Hope to see you soon

  17. Hi Mutiny I’m a big fan of female wrestling/catfights, I especially like yours and would like at a later date and time to arrange a private semi competive session against you and I, so message me back to further plan out our semi-competive until later have a wonderful day, cheers 🙂

  18. Hi Mutiny,

    Any chance we can purchase your vids through paypal. I am overseas and not comfortable giving detailed information to clips4sale or CCbill,


  19. Hi Mutiny,

    Sent a list of videos to your email to purchase via PayPal but no response for two days.

    Please allow me to buy your videos.


  20. Hi Mutiny,

    I’d like to start off with “WOW” I love your website and the gorgeous ladies that make it so F*ing great :)…… I have a question, I recently stumbled on your twitter page and I saw two pics that caught my attention. The two pics were Accenty bearhugging Summer and Lilykat, and I’m a huge fan of bearhugs and squash matches especially when a huge woman dominates a smaller girl.

    So my question is “will we be seeing these matches up soon on Clips4sale and could we expect more squash matches from Accenty in future matches?”.


  21. I do bearhugs, but i must admit im not the best for that! and yes i already traveled there, and might this fall!

  22. Hi!
    in fact, i will do a big wrestling event in June and I could shoot some..i wont have a ring, but it will be opssible to do it in a ring eventually….


  23. Hi SMH! I never saw that message…i have so many spam here…

    please write me here : privatesessionsmw@hotmail.com

    we will make it happen! i have a very big videoshoot coming in june, and the girls need work, so i can shoot the match vs mercedez at this time! she would be so happy!

  24. Hello Mutiny!

    I sent an e-mail a while ago in regards to setting up a private wrestling session but I did not receive a response. I’m not sure if it is because you are busy or maybe just missed the e-mail, but I would really love to have a session. Do I send the e-mail to privatesessionsmw@hotmail.com? Thanks!

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