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Birthday: May 3, 1984
Current City: Terrebonne, Quebec
Hometown: Terrebonne, Quebec

Favorite Quotations “I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”
— Marilyn Monroe

“I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”
— Marilyn Monroe

Education and Work


Obviously, it’s not English! I speak French. I’m still learning English and Spanish.

Family :

My parents are still together and they also live in Terrebonne, I bought a house 3 streets from them!. They are, with my grand mother, my best friends. They mean a lot to me and they are also the persons that I admirer the most.  My grand mother, she’s the funniest person on Earth! She has purple hair, she tavels with me very often and she’s my #1 fan! hahah

I don’t have any brother or sister. My father raised me like a guy and my mother like a sweet little princess! Well, I guess this is why Im who I am now!


I really like to eat! I like to try everything but I hate sea food! I love Italian Food, Indian, Vietnamese and Thai food!

My fav restaurant in the world is PING PONG in London! Thanks Richard for bringing me at that restaurant!!!

I also love BE GOOD in Boston, this is the best burgers and shake in the world!

For other very Good burgers I go to Dic Ann’s! i dont know where else to find that restaurant, but we have Dic Anns’a everywhere in Montreal!

For breakfast, I eat fruits, cheese bagel and a little cup of chocolat for my fruits! thats when I go to the restaurant! At home I eat fruits, 2 scrambled eggs, and cheese!


I don’t really like alcohol, I dont like beer at all, but I like wine and vodka cranberry. I always drink water! The best orange juice that I drank is in Portugal when I worked for a wrestling company over there!

Movies from Quebec

es Invasions Barbares
    Le déclin de l’Empire Américain
Moïse: l’Affaire Roch Thériault
Histoire de Pen
15 février 1839, Octobre, Le Party, 

La grande séduction
(they translate it in english, I dont know if it’s good..but in French…wow!


BLACK and PURPLE! like the Colorado Rockies logo.


I love cats and I have 11  at home! TiGris, Puce, Ginger, Bridget, Tobby,  Roxie, Cashew, Mcfly, Nitro, Spock, Charlot. They are like friends to me, I tell them everything and I really can trust them! haha!


I never wear fancy/ expensive clothes. I don’t know why my money should go there…but I like latex and PVC…I try to control myself, but this is a fabric that i really like 😉 I love SPANDEX its feels so good and I love small bikinis that you cant wear in public! EBAY is my best friend!

96 thoughts on “About Me

  1. i live in ottawa im 5,9 135lbs if i come their do you think we can wrestle im 18 yrs old i live in ottawa i have a car and $$

  2. Hi mutiny you are a very sexy and feminine creature. I would like to wrestle with you!!! I’m a young Cuban guy with slim body an y love to wrestle with an anaconda like you. I write to you because I want to question 2 things. What language do you speack and/or write better? My second question could you give me the exact day hour and place where you born? Because I’m studying astrology and I feel curiosity for your natal chart. I Wich you tu have a happy and a joyful life creature of the creation.

  3. Mutiny, have you see the pole dancer girls and the rope dancer girls? That training would turn you into a submission machine.. The pole dancer have a very elastic and strong body, the perfect body for wrestling. There are some wrestler girls that practice pole dancing and are super strong and elastics in their wrestling match (impressive wrestlers) due to the nature of that training of the pole dancing training of applying holds to the pole to support the weight of her body hanging
    The training in pole dancing will give you a much elastic, strong and obviously a very sexy body!!!

  4. hahaahh thats funny! brooke and I were talking about it today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha
    we were thinking about doing it!

  5. Mutiny wich language do you know better between Spanish and English?
    And I would like (if is possible) that you give me your birth place (country, city, and town) and the exact hour when you born. Is that I’m studying astrology and I like to practice with interesting and attractive characters like you.

  6. Mutiny bonbonsote rico!!!
    I saw your car through the satellite in google earth, hahaha…
    Is it the red one?
    I would like to be your neighbor to wrestle with you at least once montly!!!
    Are you wrestly with your neighbors?

    Kiss mamita rica!!!

  7. Hi Mutiny! I’m just curious how you make your lower body so toned. I go to the gym 4-5 times a week and my legs glutes are nothing compared to yours! Also, what is your favorite kind of scissors? When I’m wrestling other girls, they always put me in the reverse headscissors and a school girl pin. However, when I’m mixed wrestling with boys, their reverse headscissors aren’t nearly as strong. Is it because girls have thicker and stronger lower bodies than men?

  8. Mutiny – Have you ever used your wrestling skills in the bedroom? Nothing turns me on more than if my wife can get me into a headscissor or other move and THEN give me a handjob or oral. She didn’t realize it turned her on and I think was just accomodating me – but soon it got her almost as hot as me. I think not so much the moves but the fact that she could control me. Now she will do it and say things like “don’t move you little man bitch and cum soon or I will squeeze you senseless”. Does anything like this happen in your personal life or is it all business for you?

  9. Julian, most women tend to have a thicker thighs than men is for this reason that their scissors are stronger, this is not the rule because there are many men with very strong leghs. The stronger body part tend to accumulate fat. In the man the upper body tend to be stronger than the lower part. In the woman is the lower part. The woman is stronger and have more elasticity in the lower part of her body because she is designed by the nature to give birth.

  10. Mutiny I have 2 question:

    1.Do you prefer to do sexy wrestling domination with whimp guys or with strong guys?

    If you in a sexy thong wrestle a guy and the guy and you have a good chemical interaction (that the guy likes you and you likes the guy) do you become arouse during the wrestling session with the contortions and frictions of your body with that guy?

  11. i am 5’8″ and 145lbs and i live in toronto, ontario. i would like nothing more than to have a scissor session with you…

  12. hi there. i recenty had a boxing/wrestling session with Devon D’amo & she suggested i get in touch with you to see if we could do a 1on 1 session. I’m 41 yrs old, 5’9″ 175 lbs. my e-mail address is thegame092269@yahoo.com. please e-mail me back so we can talk about possible setting up a 1 0n 1 session

  13. Hello, I loved your lift and carry vid with Jennifer Thomas, more please! I mean more vids where you are carried by another lady and make sure to include again Over the shoulder carries (over one shoulder, as you said in the vid) and cradles!

  14. Hello Mutiny. I contacted you on your facebook page about doing a private session with you.

    Height and weight – 5’7 235lbs

    I live in the United states in East Longmeadwo MA

    My match preference is to be completely dominated by you with no resistance from me. You will have complete control of the match. No face setting though. I would however like you to smother me with you belly.

  15. i would like contact information to buy dvds without a credit card. so please send me a mailing address .please send it to my e-mail . I love your video youtube.com clips . don’t hurt nobody ! lol!

  16. Mutiny,Premièrement,c’est bien de voir une Quebecoise,j’habite sur la rive sud de Montreal,je serais interesser a te défier dans un match de lutte,en tout cas,reparle moi en si t’es interesser

  17. Do you always wrestle in the west(Canada or US maybe). Also, whom do you prefer,tough guys or wimpy ones?

  18. Mutiny! You are amazing! Would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to see you wrestle against Sumiko!!! xD xD xD Hope you can do this!!!

  19. I’m a joung man and I weight 120 lbs.
    My fantisy is to wrestle against a more heavy and skilled girls.
    Mutiny see soo sexy, I would like to be dominated by you mutiny!! haha…

  20. hi ms mutiny,,wonder if you do private light domination as you mentioned on the website..plus light ball busting / shoes worship?
    could you travel to newfoundland?stjohns?

  21. hi mutiny..i am from india..my height is 5:11 and i weigh 200 lbs..i would love to wrestle you..i want to be totally dominated by you with no resistance at all..i ant to be smothered which shall include face sitting..i would want you to wear a black bikini..i would like to go for a 2 hour session..do you travel to india? or else i can come to montreal..

  22. Hi mutiny my girlfriend would love to wrestle you. Think you would be able to handle her because she’s tough, her height is 5.4 and she weighs 10 stone. She’s also one of those women who likes to humilate and dominate her female rival eventhrough she is not a wrestler. Think you would be able to handle her.

  23. I just dont wrestle or do catfight against any girlfriend. Most of the time, the guys are saying that only for their own fantasy and they want to to talk about it so they can masturbate thinking about it.

    usually, they never show to a session they book with me and the ”girlfriend”

    OR they show up with a crazy girlfriend, really upset to be there and just try to kill me in a match because they dont have a clue or what they are doing.

    OR they show up and the girl is bisexual and they both want to have sex with me.

    so, i hope you can understand why i didnt answer and I never answer challenges like that

  24. Hi, I would like to be a member of the side mutiny wrestling. Neither the payment via mastercard still works via Verotel. Please help me, how can I become a member. Please excuse my bad English.Thanks and best regards

  25. hi, im trying to contact you regarding a custom video, but i am unable to find your email anywhere on your website?

  26. Hi Mutiny!!
    First, I love your site and loved the videos you did with Sleeperkidsworld.
    My question is this: In a private session, do you have any issues losing to a guy in a fantasy knockout match that includes sleeperholds and scissors?
    This is non-competitive and purely fantasy.

  27. Hi Matt!
    no! not at all!!!
    as long as its not competitive and I dont have to pass out for real, Im fine!!! I even love doing that!!!!!!

    🙂 xxxx

  28. Im having problems with all the credit cards right now!
    i dont know what happened when i switched servers last month…it should be fixed soon!!!

  29. Hi! I already been to India and business wasnt really good for me!!!
    if i go near there, ill let you know for sure!!!

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