Age : 36

Height : 5’10

Weight : 175

For how long have you been wrestling? Im not a wrestler, I never trained, but Mutiny showed me some stuff. Actually, Im not that good, but if I cheat a little bit (I know how to do so with Mutiny), I can take advantage of her! I rarely wrestle with other girls, since Im not that good, I dont want to hurt any girl, except Mutiny! I already wrestled against Brooke, Brittany and Maly, but I must admit that being Mutiny’s victim is usually what I enjoy the most!
I’ve been a fan of female wrestling for more than 20 years! I also have my own websites and Im the one who introduced Mutiny to that business! (So yeah, you should all thank me!)

My websites :



Favorites hold : I love to pull Mutiny’s hair, I know its not a hold, but I love to get her in a camel clutch and pull her hair! She hates that! But mostly, I love to be stuck in her head scissors, Im telling you, her legs are quite strong and powerful!


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