Part 1 Important News from MUTINY! Pro wrestling and…




Hi everybody!!!  I wrote a very long message and Ill have to cut it to make sure you will keep interest in reading it! hahah

SO, whats the big news?!?

WELL WELL WELL my friends…

Ill explain to you the reasons of my decision but mostly how I came to it. Ill start withthe pro wrestling part!


I wrestled pro style for 3 years. I decided to quit pro wrestling because everybody is always injured! I was in the ring before I was able to wrestle properly and didn’t understand why people didn’t want to wrestle me, but now that I got a little better and that I always get injured by people who doesn’t know what they are doing in the ring, well, I understand better now. I never been a great pro wrestler because the ”sexy wrestling business (well, what I do using the name of Mutiny)” is not well seen in the pro wrestling business, so I never felt accepted. A lot of wrestlers didn’t care much about my other ”activities” but some of them really made me feel like the ring wasn’t the best place for me. For 3 years I didn’t care at all what they were saying, but after a while, you get annoyed with it. Not that it ever touched me, it never ever made me feel sad, but at one point, I got tired of always explaining what I was also doing for living because I never saw a problem with that, because after all, it was MY life! (this sentence was confusing, I know! I have a lot of things to say and tonight, it comes to me in French in my head and I have problems to translate!) I just got tired of the fighting ”why should we hire marilyn-Josianne-Mutiny, she is doing sexy stuff! its degrading for women!”. Well, I don’t feel bad about it and my family doesn’t either because they know I’m happy, isn’t it the important part?!

I loved it though. Pro wrestling is a real passion. So, of course, I won’t quit forever! I will still do some pro wrestling matches for my website, for the PGWA (ladysports (Randy Powell)), at Pippa’s place in Manchester England and even in Shawinigan for FCL (Québec).

I will be very honest with you here. Some wrestling promoters will be upset with me if they read that and even female pro wrestlers. Pro wrestling can also be a big big joke. Like I said, a lot of the people in that industry are against the ”sexy side” of the business. Degrading to women, disgusting to women, women become objets etc…all that, I hear all the time!  Female wrestlers are wearing a nice one piece in lycra-spandex, very soft material, wrestling another girl, being on top of each other, playing the crowd, one is evil, the other one is the babyface, one is in pain, the other one enjoys inflecting pain, both are competitive and wants to win. WHATS MORE SEXY THAN THAT?! and come on! these are ALL the reasons why YOU GUYS love it! Some promoters are against the sexy stuff i do, but everytime I wrestle for them, they want me to wear a red outfit, a one piece zentai in spandex, a special mask, a specific color, latex, lycra, shiny tights, etc. to YOU pro wrestling promoters, if you are asking me a specific outfit, it’s because it’s a FETISH for you! Its normal! and I’m in that business because I’m open minded and I love the sexy side like I said, but please, dont look down at me! you’re not better because you’re fantasy is not looking at a barely naked woman wrestling! your fetish is something else, it includes props, special wrestling gear, but it’s still the same!

I would also have a message for the ”legit” female wrestlers who are doing ”legit” pro wrestling, but they are not reading my posts, thats for sure. Ill say it anyway, because it will make me feel better. Guys are watching female wrestling for a reason and it might be because some of the girls are really good, but its also because they think you are attractive. Big, small, muscular, fat, whatever, they think you are sexy. Some of them are getting really excited by you, your skills, your outfit, the way you act, the way you scream, the way your face change when you are in pain, the way you come back and find the energy to fight again, how strong you are, how tall you are, how quick you are, how competitive you are, how condescending you are, how bitchy you are, how nice you are, etc. The list is wayyy longer than that, but you get the point. You might tell yourself all that is not true, but it is. Don’t lie to yourself. You might do legit wrestling, you might think guys are not getting sexually excited by it, but you are wrong.

Some of the girls in the mat wrestling business also think they are not ‘,as low as me’, because they just do competitive wrestling, no sexy stuff. Well, sorry ladies, competitive wrestling is one of the biggest fantasy for guys…yes, they are having a lot of fun watching you being competitive and ”not sexy because you are not wearing a thong”. Being sexy or making a product that is sexual is more than having a sexy outfit, if you though it was only in the outfit, open some books and read! Its in the way you act, the way you react, its way more than just your gear.

I could continue of course, but no need to do so! I just feel better! Ok, now, I have to cut the next part of the message and put it in another post! hahaha


Marilyn xx

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