FULL VIDEO Part 1 : Mercedez and Carlos met before on the mats. They are both very competitive and if one girl could make Carlos tap out, its Mercedez. She is muscular, perfect body with sexy tattoos and she knows how to look good in a bikini. But Carlos doesnt care. He is used to wrestle hot girls in bikinis! They are both very intense and nobody wants to give up. He got great holds on her but she was able to get out of them. Even if she was a little bit more at the bottom, she didnt give up and she is getting more and more upset! Part 2 : Even if Mercedez has trouble breathing, it doesnt mean she’s not giving 110% of herself. She is very feisty and she doesnt intend to give Caros one submission hold. She even made him submit with a bodyscissors and a rear naked choke. She got him twice and didnt want to let him go. She used her muscular legs to control him and thats what helped her. He’s got so much more experience than her, but she is VERY strong. Part 3 : Mercedez is very tired but still very intense. Behind her smile, you can see her pride. She wont stop the match and she wants to win. She is determined to make him pass out. She told me she would and you can see that she is always going for the choke. She got him for a second. He was out and she got a little scared so she let him go. It got him weaker for the rest of the match. He got her good one but she didnt want to submit. Thats also why she had trouble breathing, any other girl would have taped out before but she fought back. She took total control for the last part and Carlos couldnt do anything…its great sometimes to see him lose to a muscular and powerful girl like Mercedez.

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