MWl-130 Mutiny vs kasumi

Very tight match!!!! Very even! Great holds and moves, kasumi, as usual, strecthed me but this time she even tried to smother me with her breasts! shes getting really confident!!! My bikini bottom ended up behing a thong since it didnt stay in place at all! we are both wearing bikinis and gloves! We did some chokes, scissors, and kasumi got me in two or 3 moves I dont even know. I dont know how she does that, but shes got that intelligence, and she can create moves and get me in them without me knowing whats going on! shes really a natural!!! and of course, she so pretty! I didnt wrestle her lately and I miss it. Even when I lose, and even if shes new, I always learn with her… but this match was very close! there was no loser, especially not you! 😛 and at the end, she left the mats and tried to untie my top! shes getting really cocky!!!

Length: 11 minutes
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