MW-648 A-Low Cat vs Summer FULL MATCH

FULL VIDEO : Part 1 : Very good action, back and forth semi competitive wrestling between 2 very sexy girls. A-Low is very sporty looking while Summer is super cute in her schoolgirl outfit. A low didnt know she had a challenge with Summer, she thought she would beat her easily! But the little feisty schoolgirl was really agressive too! scissors, chokes, but the sexiest move of the match is Summer holding A Low down. both girls with the ass in the air…SO amazingly sexy! Part 2 : I knew A Low would be surprised, and that would affect her game a little bit but I knew she would fine a way to come back stronger because she is more skilled. Our sexy black girl got very intense and started dominating the cute schoolgirl. Many different holds, back stretch, leg holds, ankle locks, neck scissors, etc. Summer is still fighting back, but A Low’s skills are amazing!

Length: 11 minutes
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