MW-502 Mutiny vs Madison Full Video

  • Full Video Part one : Summer 2015. It’s Madison’s first match outside. She didnt know what to expect but I told her I wanted to test her skills. I wanted to see if she was as good as they told me this pretty girl is. She’s got a perfect body, so thin and her long legs, woah! She’s way too beautiful! I did many holds to expose her amazing body and she was so pretty when she was trying to get out! She also got me good and stretched me which was a little humiliating because my boobs poped out of my top… Part 2 : I used my weight advantage to keep her down and to keep control. Her sexyness is unbelievable. You want her as your victim because the way she moves is extremely sensual. The way she tries to escape is just, well, there are no words! She is beautiful and she is confident. Maybe I was too amazed by her beauty but she finally took control over me and she got quicker. She used her long and perfect legs to control my body and squeeze me. Her strenght surprised me a lot!

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