MW-510 Mutiny vs Sasha female wrestling

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : This is Sasha’s first match! She showed up to our big annual shooting and wanted to try. Madison and Star are watching the match on the couch next to the mats. They thought they had to be scared of me because some people told them I was quite mean with new girls. Everybody knows im always going easy on the new girls to give them a taste of the wrestling business, to make sure they enjoy it and they stay with us! I think i did a good job, because Sasha is now part of our team! In the first part, we are mostly exchanging scissors and shes getting more and more aggressive….even if she was a little shy at the beginning. At the same time, she is the one who came up with lingerie Part 2 : She IS getting more and more aggressive! she tried to sit on me, she got me in a headscissors and i got her in armbars and scissors too. She is trying to choke me, while my nipple is popping out of my bra! she is learning fast! Part 3 : at this point, even if i was very nice, she was getting more competitive and she started pulling my hair, and squeezing very hard with her scissors, we also got each other in double scissors and its quite sexy. You see it in her eyes, her determination to win. I swear she is not here for fun. She wants to kick ass and Im pretty sure she will!

Length 11 min

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