MWL-117 Domino vs Brooke ”Street Fight”

We were suppose to do some wrestling in my house but things got serious because Domino brought her boyfriend to the shoot and Brooke was quite flirty with him. Domino is usually not the jealous type, but she thought Brooke was going way too far so they decided to go on another street, in the backstreet in fact, right behind some grocery store. I didnt know what they would do, and I dont think they knew it either. Domino is a bad ass chic and in a street fight, I would take for her in a heart beat..I mean, I would really put my money on her! But Brooke told Domino to wait for her in the backstreet…and she sneaked up behind her while D and I were talking, she gave her a forearm in the back than grabbed her to throw her head against the wall. She didnt wait for D to realize what was going on and she went for the knee in the stomach then she started choking poor Domino. She also punched her in the stomach several times! D didnt expect that! Im pretty sure she thought it would be a fight…(Domino’s nipple was almost out all the match!!!)

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