MW-471 Mutiny vs Accenty BBW Domination. SCHOOLGIRL pin, STRADDLE, BEARHUG

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : If you love big beautiful women destroying a smaller girl, you will like this match. I went to this guy’s place because he wanted a session at home. He wanted to reccord the session so I took off my dress to show him what I would wear for our match. His WIFE showed up. She came back from work early and caught us. I didnt know about it and in fact, I even suspected him to do that on purpose to get my as kicked. She was so mad at me and I told her it was her husband’s fault, but she was blaming me mostly. She just sat on me, laughed at me, she was putting all her weight on me and I couldnt move..I told her she was sick and a psycho, so it didnt help my case. She got mad. She didnt want to let me go… The husband kept filming the entire time Part 2 : she’s still sitting on top of me, yelling at me, squashing me. I tried everything, begging, tell her im sorry, she didnt care, she was so pissed. I cant blame her, but I thought she would have been mad at her husband, not me. She flipped on the side and got me in a scissors, I couldnt even move and I thought she would break me…I was so scared. She’s about 200 lbs heavier then me. I already got scared in a match, but never like this one. Part 3 : at this point, you see in her eyes that she doesnt even care about me at all. You see that she would do anything that crosses her mind. and I knew I was lucky to still be alive… She started by taking off her socks and shoved them in my mouth, she got me on my knees on the bed and just squeezed me in a tight bearhug. I thought my ribs were breaking…I couldnt breathe at all…Very long bearhug, didnt want to release me…and I couldnt take it anymore… she didnt care about my ”Im sorry, Im so sorry” there is also some BREASTS SMOTHERING in the video (preview)

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