FULL VIDEO Part 1 : This is the craziest crotch torture match I ever had. First of all, Rick is 6’2 and 200lbs and I really thought I could take him. Yes, Im faster, but as soon as he started cheating (after like, 15 seconds in the match) I couldnt compete with him. He kept punching me, kicking me, kneeing me, always in my crotch, without pity. He got me on the top corner just lifting me between my legs, did some claws, kicked me twice while i was sitting on the second turnbuckle. He just destroyed me completely. The first part is ending with him piledriving me in the ring (tombstone). Part 2 : it just got worst and worst. Violent kicks to the crotch, he’s standing on my pussy, im upside down in the corner, head butt to my crotch, kicking the ropes while im trying to get out of the ring, more punches, atomic drops, piledrivers, but everything is so violent. He’s pulling my hair, toying with me. Very intense crotch torture…
Length: 10 minutes

Full Wrestling Match

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