MWL-125 Mutiny vs Mégane – Pins only – Spandex

Brooke is the ref (in black spandex) of this pins only match between Mégane and I. The girls always want to do pins against me because they know I hate them and Im not good at escaping pins. Since Mégane is always losing against me, she asked me for a pins only match and she really wanted Brooke as the ref! So we started the match and as I predicted, she was really good and she ddnt feel guilty at all to sit on my chest, sit on my throat, sit on my stomach or just put all her weight on me. I always feel bad for doing this to people! But the other girls dont! I was able to pin her from time to time, but she got me pretty good and Brooke was obviously on her side. Thats why, at the end of this match, I just jumped on Brooke and wrestled her for MWL-126. Mégane is so damn sexy in that red spandex one piece suit!!!

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