Matches 15-16 and 17!

Hey guys! Allison here.

The fights we feature this week are very special to me. That’s because they are the very last fights I get to see in the MWL.

You remember a while back I explained I hurt my back in a car accident? Well, now it got a bit worst and I’ll have to go for longer, more intense treatments that are gonna cost a lot of doe. So it’s with a heavy heart that I have to leave the MWL after only a few weeks. The cost of maintaining a website plus the cost of my treatments (only partly reimbursed by the health insurance) is just too much to bear.

Plus I’ve had the occasion to wrestle a little for videos Mutiny put on her Clip4Sale, and I can’t bear to just sit on the sideline while other girls get to have such sensuous and intense physical contact.

I sold the MWL to someone with a lot of wrestling experience, both in the ring as a pro wrestler and on the mat. No, it’s NOT Mutiny—she’s a good wrestler, but I can’t imagine her actually running a league of her own. I’ll let this person make the announcement when the time is right.

Until then, here are the fights:

Again, MWL 15 is not available since Im erasing all videos of Keysha on that website…sorry for all the members.

MWL-16 Brooke vs Kassandra

When these two clash, they make me thing of two goddesses at war. Two girls who could easily be models fighting in tiny bikinis? Are you kidding me?

Brooke has been training extra hard to get in shape and improve her cardio, and it clearly shows in this bout against Kass. Both girls are very confident and both are very well matched—both beauty-wise and strength-wise.

Mutiny, on the sideline, is clearly a Kassandra fan. She encourages her protégé and gives her advices, but will that be enough to give her an edge over quickly-improving Brooke?

MWL-17 K vs Kassandra

Kassandra was very intimidated by K before the fight—she puts up a brave face, but you can see she’s not looking forward to this match. The fact that K wore the tiniest G-string bikini she ever wore on camera and made Kassandra almost look like a prude didn’t help. When a girl is as beautiful as Kass, being upstaged is not something she looks favourably on. Plus, it’s clear K wore this micro bikini as a clear sign that she didn’t consider Kass as a threat, which adds insult to…insult.

K’s athletic and half naked little body made her a natural wrestler while Kass is still struggling with the basics, so you know who’ll end up on top, but both girls hate losing and will do anything to subdue their opponent. That alone makes this match really worth watching!

It’s been a short but thrilling ride, MWL fans! May this site live long and prosper—see, Brooke? I can talk like a nerd too!


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