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MW-503 Mutiny vs Star Pro Wrestling Lift and Carry FULL VIDEO

Monday, February 20th, 2017

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : Star is showing up on my mats with her perfect body in a very small bikini. She then told me she has no idea who i am and she never heard of me. So i decided to show her what lift and carry and pro wrestling is. I wanted her to know how strong i am. I picked her up on my shoulders right away. I did many squats, stretch her back, dragon sleeper hold, single leg boston crab, bearhug and another lift on my shoulders… she was obviously very impressed! Part 2 : this little sexy thing wants to fight back! I got her in a reverse bearhug, exposing her amazing body, i choked her with her own arms, stretch her back some more, got her on my back, walked with her, did some squats….some hammer locks, but still, she tried to make a come back! Part 3 : I punched her, got her on my back, you can see she wants to try to do something but she only did grappling in the past… Boston crab, full nelson, i did some holds on her to get her a little more weak. I wanted to finish her with a bearhug! shes the kind of girl i wanted to see from one of my bearhugs! she was and i did victory poses over her sexy bod!
Length: 10 minutes

free sample clip
free sample clip

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MW-719 Piledriver Perversion 18 – You Still Lose Bitch mp4 FORMAT

Monday, October 10th, 2016



Piledriver Perversion 18 – You Still Lose Bitch
Jezabel Romo vs Mutiny
Sexy Mutiny arrives from Quebec and saunters into the Lucha Girls ring and confronts Jezabel stating she wants a rematch. Jezabel will gladly give her a rematch, as she loves any excuse to dominate girls with her special piledrivers! But then Mutiny states that due to doctors orders she can’t take any piledrivers. Jezabel laughs in her face, why else would this bitch be here, if not for her sensual addiction to piledrivers. So Jezabel, wanting to get this sexy bitch in a match, decides to give Mutiny a match…best of 5 pins wins the match and she is determind to win just as much as Mutiny is. They start off with a bit of titty grabbing hold to hold wrestling, just to warm up (and feel each other up) , suddenly one girl gets the upperhand and PILEDRIVER, gaining the first win!! and the top of the losing girl, who fights back as she is sensually titty groped! Now the match is getting serious as the 2nd pin is won by a Dragon Sleeper and more titties exposed and more fondles and grabs. This match goes back and forth between these two hotties with headscissors, between the leg fondles, breat caresses and multiple piledrivers and various pro wrestling moves. This is definitely a pro style, titty baring sensual stripdown type of match. These girls have been in the ring in previous matches, the cant seem to decide if they like each other and take every opportunity to touch each others voluptuous bodies or if they hate each other and just want to beat each other down. If you like watching 2 girls in a topless pro match than Lucha Girls Wrestling “1603-Piledriver Perversion 18 – You Still Lose Bitch” is the fight for you!
LENGTH: 15 mins


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MW-547 Bedroom Brawls Topless Catfight Jezabel vs Mutiny FULL VIDEO

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016


Description by LuchaGirls : Bedroom Brawls Sexier Than You Topless Catfightfeaturing Jezabel Romo vs Mutiny ~ Jezabel and Mutuny are getting ready to hit the town tonight and find some fun! But they soon start to argue over who looks sexier. Well like every girl, they start to hurl girly insults at each other and it rapidly escalates to a sexy topless catfight complete with sexy scissorholds, hairpulling, belly punching, titty squeezing, ass smacking fun! Soon they realize thought that looking or love is more important and they do both look hotbut who is hotter and who is sexier in your eyes? Buy Bedroom Brawls 7 Sexier Than You Topless Catfight and watch the sexy mayhem get revealed in front of your very eyes!

Length: 8 minutes
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MW-591 Mutiny vs NIkki Fierce FIRST MATCH ever FULL VIDEO

Saturday, January 2nd, 2016

FULL video : Part 1 : I knew it would be hard to fight this amazing lady wrestler, but it has been 10 years since I started and I never had the chance to face her. I was so confident! I thought I had a chance until the first 30 sec of the match! Even when I got on top or scissored her, she found a way to reverse it… Part 2 : the beating continues but its still very competitive. Im really fighting back. I dont want her to kick my ass real bad… Im trying to reverse everything, and I always try to get her in my scissors but she escapes. She is amazingly good… Part 3 ; In this part, i even got more intense. I wanted to make her submit so bad and I got in control a lot at the begining with many holds that she was able to reverse, but I was still coming back on top. You can see in my attitute that I want a submission. I got very close, but she reversed again last minute, to take control again. She made me completely helpless and ended it up with victory poses… to humiliate me a bit, but i was so proud to share the ring with her…

Length: 11 minutes

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MW-167 EMYRA vs 2 GIRLS! Domino and Autumn! 2 vs 1. Emyra’s domination! full video Hot!

Wednesday, December 30th, 2015

mwl1672Full Video! 2 vs 1. Emyra is quite confident she can beat 2 girls if they are doing a tag team match. She asked me for a match with 2 hot girls of my choice, she said she was feeling like destroying 2 skinny bitches. Well, I chose Domino 110lbs and Autumn 105 lbs. She sat on them, did several scissors, camel clutches, chokes…she was just putting her weight on top of them to humiliate them. At one point, Autumn got so upset she tried to jump in and save Domino from passing out…it worked f

or a bit, but she quickly became Emyra’s victim. Emyra was squeezing her body with her strong legs and Domino jumped in to do a head scissors to Emyra. Even if it affected her strenght for a while, she came back even more upset and got the 2 girls one after the other…The fight is outside…and i can tell you one thing, my NEIHGBORS WERE WATCHING THAT FIGHT!